Worldwalker Games
Based in Austin, Texas

Founding date:
March 2017


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Worldwalker Games is an indie developer with a big studio pedigree. Founded by Nate & Anne Austin and based in Austin, TX, the team has grown to 6 full time employees and additional part time. The core team have over 20 years of collective experience in the game industry. Nate, the programmer, has a love for simulation, procedural generation, and homebrew tabletop storytelling. Anne, the artist, has an illustration and graphic design background and is happiest when she’s sketching monsters in goofy hats. Doug, the lead writer, has a lifelong love for fantasy and a passion for words which has shaped the studio's tone and voice.


The studio’s first game, a character-driven, turn-based RPG called Wildermyth, started as a side project but has since become a full-time venture. The Wildermyth development team includes seasoned experts in music, sound, writing, production, and additional programming. Wildermyth entered Steam Early Access in November 2019, and is set to celebrate its official launch on June 15.



Wildermyth Launch Trailer YouTube

Wildermyth Early Access Launch YouTube

Wildermyth Beta: Something in the Woods YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "Wildermyth, although still in alpha, was able to convey that "sense of wonder" that very few games are able to give... Design, music, storytelling and so on, are harmonized in an excellent way. The general feeling that you have throughout the campaign is to be part of a wonderful adventure of D&D, in which characters grow, fall in love, grow old and die. "
    - Arka, Safari Games Italia
  • "You really care about the characters and each playthrough is a unique self-contained story that you shape with your actions."
    - Calum Fraser, Alpha Beta Gamer

Core Team

Nate Austin
Founder, Programmer

Anne Austin
Founder, Artist

Douglas Austin
Lead Writer

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