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An Ability is an new aspect earned by a character when they gain enough experience to earn a promotion or through other means. These provide different skills, powers, perks, bonuses, and upgrades.

Starting Abilities

These abilities are obtained automatically when a hero selects their class.

Name Class Description
Ability guardian.pngGuardian Warrior Hero ends their turn and waits for an enemy to come within range, hitting up to one enemy with a melee attack.
Ability silkstep.pngSilkstep Hunter (Active) With an elusive step, Hero slips into Grayplane. While in Grayplane, they are hidden to enemies and their attacks ignore armor.
Ability interfuse.pngInterfuse Mystic Mingle the mystic's life energy with a Blaze or piece of Scenery. Interfused targets grant vision and can be used for further purposes.
Ability withdraw.pngWithdraw Mystic Stop interfusing with a target. This allows you to interfuse with a new target.

Choose an Ability

Upon promotion, the player is presented with a randomly generated list of abilities to choose for their hero, of which one may be picked. While some abilities are available to all heroes, many are only available to a hero of a particular class. Additionally, many abilities are an upgraded "+" version of another ability and thus will only be offered if the hero already has the base ability. Typically, four abilities are offered, of which one is guaranteed to be a class-specific non-upgrade ability and one is guaranteed to be an upgrade. If no upgrades are possible, only three abilities are offered.

If none of the offered abilities are desired, the player may choose to reroll the ability selection at a cost of 2 Legacy Points. Further rerolls are also possible but at growing cost: each successive reroll costs 2 more Legacy Points than the last. For example, rerolling 3 times costs 12 Legacy Points in total: 2 for the first reroll, 4 for the second, and 6 for the third.


General Abilities

These abilities are available to all heroes.

Name Description
Aid (Active) Once per combat, Hero grants an adjacent target x Temp Health and removes negative status effects.
Aid+ Aid can be used twice per combat
Bard (Passive) Hero reduces the cost of recruit jobs by 1. +5 Stunt Chance to all heroes in the party.
Bard+ Swellsong: Once per combat, as a swift action, grant +50 Stunt Chance to allies within 5 tiles for one turn
Endurance (Passive) Hero has +2 Armor and +1 Warding
Endurance+ Increased from +2 Armor/+1 Warding to +3 Armor/+2 Warding
Hardiness (Passive) Hero has +30 percent health.
Hardiness+ Increased from +30% health to +50% health. Also adds +5 Recovery Rate and +5 Retirement Age.
Heroism (Active) Once per combat, Hero gains +1 action point, and attack actions only cost one action point this turn.
Heroism+ Grants +2 Action Points instead of +1
Inspiration (Passive) Hero gives adjacent allies +1 Bonus Damage and Spell Damage.
Inspiration+ Inspiration range increased from 1 to 2. Also grants +1 warding to all allies within range
Long Reach (Passive) Hero has +1 range with all attacks and abilities.
Long Reach+ Bonus Range increased from +1 to +1.6
Riposte (Passive) Hero will counter-attack after a successful melee block or dodge.
Riposte+ Each time Hero is hit, they gain +20 Dodge. Resets after a successful dodge or block.
Sharpshooter (Passive) Hero deals +1 damage and has +1 range with ranged attacks. Bows no longer have a minimum range.
Sharpshooter+ Additional +1 range to ranged attacks
Tinker (Active) Once per combat as a swift action, Hero grants 3 Armor and 2 Warding to themself or a nearby ally for two turns.
Tinker+ Can use twice per combat
Viciousness (Passive) Hero's melee attacks deal +1 damage.
Viciousness+ Extra melee damage increased from +1 to +2
Windwalk (Active) Once per combat as a swift action, Hero can call on windspirits to guide them to a distant tile.
Windwalk+ Can use twice per combat
Wisdom Hero gets a bonus to all campaign-level tasks, based on age (+100% of base job speed for every 35 years of age).
Wisdom+ +10 Retirement Age, +15 Charisma

Last updated 1.11+465 Firlow Hotfix using this script.

Warrior Abilities

These abilities are only available to Warriors.

Name Description
Backslam (Active) As a swift action, every other turn, Hero knocks an enemy up to x tiles away, dealing x Damage (1 Damage for each Armor Hero has).
Backslam+ Knock the target into another enemy to displace it, deal half damage (1/2 of Hero's Armor), and Hobble both enemies.
Battledance (Passive) Melee attacks only cost Hero one action.
Battledance+ After hitting with a non-swift melee attack, if Hero still has actions left, they can move up to half their speed as a free action.
Bloodrage (Passive) Hero's melee and ranged attacks deal more damage based on the percent of health they're missing, up to a max of +x damage.
Bloodrage+ Adds (Active) Once per combat, while wounded, activate to gain +2 Damage and prevent health dropping to zero for one turn.
Broadswipes (Passive) Hero's melee attacks deal x damage to all other foes within range.
Broadswipes+ Broadswipes damage scales twice as much with Bonus Damage and Potency
Engage (Active) As a swift action, Hero engages a foe, forcing it to attack them. Hero must stay in range and maintain a clear line of sight. +1 armor per engaged foe.
Engage+ Using Engage also engages all enemies adjacent to Hero. +2 Armor per engaged enemy.
Paladin (Passive) If Hero ends their turn by moving, they will automatically enter Guardian.
Paladin+ Enter Guardian at the end of every turn, even if you ended your turn by attacking.
Raider (Active) As a swift action, Hero can start a fire on an empty tile, or break a piece of adjacent scenery dealing x damage to all foes adjacent to the scenery.
Raider+ Deal twice as much damage to enemies adjacent to destroyed scenery (x -> x), can start fires on enemies for x magic damage.
Sentinel (Active) Replaces Guardian. Hero leaps up to two tiles in order to intercept a foe who passes nearby, performing a reaction strike.
Sentinel+ Sentinel interrupts enemy movement.
Shieldshear (Active) Once every other turn, as a swift action, Hero shreds x of a foe's armor with their weapon.
Shieldshear+ Cooldown removed; can use multiple times per turn.
Stalwart (Active) As a swift action, Hero can enable/disable Stalwart, which grants +3 Armor and Warding, but reduces their Speed by 1/2.
Stalwart+ When Stalwart is active, Hero also becomes immune to negative status effects.
Thundering Challenge (Active) Once per combat, as a swift action, Hero frightens the enemy, forcing them to spend their next turn running away.
Thundering Challenge+ Can now target multiple enemies in a small area.
Untouchable (Passive) When Hero gets a kill, the next attack against them within one turn will miss.
Untouchable+ No longer wears off after one turn.
Vigilance (Passive) Hero's heightened senses allow them to perform up to 2 reaction strikes per turn.
Vigilance+ Reaction strikes per turn increased from 2 to 4
Wolfcall (Passive) After a successful kill, Hero's allies gain +x speed for this and the following turn.
Wolfcall+ Wolfcalled heroes also receive +1 Damage on flanking attacks.
Zealous Leap (Active) Every other turn, as a swift action, Hero makes a daring leap up to x spaces away.
Zealous Leap+ Cooldown reduced from once every other turn to once per turn. Clears pin on use.

Last updated 1.11+465 Firlow Hotfix using this script.

Hunter Abilities

These abilities are only available to Hunters.

Name Description
Ambush (Active) Hero draws back, using a ranged attack on the first enemy who enters the threatened tiles, dealing an extra +2 Damage. If the shot is not sprung, Hero gets a free attack at the beginning of their next turn.
Ambush+ Ambush interrupts enemy movement
Archery (Passive) After a ranged attack against them or any adjacent allies, Hero counterattacks with a ranged attack of their own.
Archery+ +30 Dodge against ranged attacks
Crippling Strikes (Passive) Hero's melee and ranged attacks apply 2 Hobbled to the enemy.
Crippling Strikes+ Attacks against hobbled enemies deal +2 damage
Ember Arrows (Passive) When standing by a fire, Hero's bow attacks have +x damage, +1 shred, and start fires; fire can't spread onto them.
Ember Arrows+ (Active) As a swift action, once per turn, Hero can move to a tile adjacent to a fire within 4 tiles
Flashcone (Active) Once per combat, Hero throws a flashcone that blinds enemies, and deals x magic damage. If thrown at an ally, they will be hidden
Flashcone+ Put all heroes within area of effect into grayplane; +1 use per mission
Foxflight (Passive/Active) Hero has +1 speed; Once per combat, as a swift action, activate to dodge the next two attacks against them (disables passive)
Foxflight+ Dodges increased from 2 to 3
Jumpjaw (Active) Twice per combat, as a swift action, Hero throws a Jumpjaw trap that will deal x damage and pin the first enemy who walks near.
Jumpjaw+ Uses per mission increased from 2 to 3, and now shreds 1 armor
Piercing Shots (Passive) Hero's ranged attacks have x pierce.
Piercing Shots+ Ranged attacks shred 1 armor
Quellingmoss (Passive/Active) Hero has coated their weapons in quellingmoss; their melee and ranged attacks apply Poison 1. As an action, they can toss a flask of burning moss that applies Poison x to all units in an area.
Quellingmoss+ Passive and Active poison both increased by 1.
Passive: 1 -> 2
Active: x -> x
Rogue (Passive) Every time Hero kills an enemy, they enter grayplane for free, becoming hidden.
Rogue+ Also become hidden on stunt.
Thornfang (Passive) Once per turn, Hero is refunded an action point after a melee kill.
Thornfang+ Killing an enemy will refund an action point up to three times per turn
Through Shot (Active) Hero fires a cleverly placed arrow that will pass through the first target and hit the next target in a line, dealing -1 damage to the second target.
Through Shot+ Throughshot can hit any number of enemies in a line, dealing 1 less damage to each consecutive enemy

Last updated 1.11+465 Firlow Hotfix using this script.

Mystic Abilities

These abilities are only available to Mystics.

Name Description
Arches (Active) Hero bonds with the earth, and summons from seedling and silt a wondrous tree that pins surrounding enemies.
Arches+ Arches is changed from a turn-ending action to a single action
Compulsion (Active) Hero briefly interfuses with an Enemy and forces it to move where they please.
Compulsion+ Compulsion is changed from a turn-ending action to a swift action (Usable once per turn)
Earthscribe Advanced interfusions
(Passive) Allies may wall with interfused objects.
Stone: (Passive) Grants extra armor, warding, and Temp Health
(Active) Rock Shield
Bone: Bone Wall
Earthscribe+ Bonewall: Wall has more HP, further distance
Rockshield: increased from +3 to +5 Temp Health

Armor, Warding, and Temp Health for each interfused stone increased from +1 to +2
Elementalist Advanced interfusions
Fire: (Passive) Does not burn out while interfused
Wood: (Active) Splintersalvo
Liquid: (Upgrade) Infernal Rain
Elementalist+ Splinterblast/Splintersalvo: +1 damage and apply 1 hobble.
Infernal Rain: changed from single-target to area of effect
Humanist Advanced interfusions
Mechanisms: (Passive) Applies poison to enemies who step next to it
Metal: (Upgrade) Shackles
Tools: (Upgrade) Stunning Barrage
Shards: (Active) Shardnado
Humanist+ Stunning Barrage: 100% stun chance on hit
Shackles: x2 damage
Shardnado: Doesn't dissipate over time
Ignite (Active) Once per turn as a single action, Hero pulls motes of heat out of the air and gathers them into a single point, creating an interfused blaze on a tile with debris.
Ignite+ Ignite can be used on tiles without debris on them
Indignance (Passive) Hero's presence is charged against their foes, dealing x true damage to hostile creatures who enter adjacency with them for any reason.
Indignance+ Base damage and range increased by 1
Mythweaver Advanced interfusions
Statues/Ruins: (Passive) +1 Potency per interfused
Garb: (Passive) 50% chance to reflect damage while interfused
Books: (Active) Lore Dump
Textiles: (Upgrade) Greater Constrict
Mythweaver+ Loredump: +2 damage, +3 range
Greater Constrict: +1 damage, +1 hobble
Lightning Learning: (Book/Statue, Active) As a swift action, destroy a book or statue to grant ally or self +3 Potency that decays over 3 turns
Naturalist Advanced interfusions
Plant: (Active) Vinewrench
Tree: (Passive) Upon interfusing with a tree, enter Grayplane
(Active) Treecall
Naturalist+ Wild Grasp: changed from turn-ending action to swift action (no cooldown)
Roots and Shoots: (Active) As a single action, grow up to 5 plants in a small area
Openmind (Passive) Hero can interfuse with x additional target.
Openmind+ Interfuse range increased by 1.6, Withdraw becomes a free action
Soulsplitting (Passive) When Hero takes damage, for each interfused object, 1 point is prevented, and the object takes 2 damage instead.
Soulsplitting+ Damage reduction per interfused object increased from 1 to 2
Spiritblade (Passive/Active) When allies stand directly adjacent to an interfused object, they gain +1 Bonus Damage; Interfused blazes can be used to grant nearby allies fiery attacks.
Spiritblade+ Allies directly adjacent to an interfused object get +10 Stunt Chance
Blazing Sword/Burning Arrow: Changed from turn-ending actions to single actions
Vigorflow (Passive) For each interfused object, Hero's melee and ranged attacks gain +2 damage; interfused objects take 1 damage whenever a melee/ranged attack is used.
Vigorflow+ Physical damage buff per interfused object increased from +2 to +3. Interfused objects also grant +1 speed.

Last updated 1.11+465 Firlow Hotfix using this script.

Theme Upgrades

These upgrades require specific themes.

Name Requirement Description
Airlift Drauven Wings: Drauven Wings (Active) As a swift action, every other turn, Hero carries a single adjacent ally with them up to three tiles away.
Alarming Quack Pet Duck: Duck (Active) As a swift action, once per turn, Hero's duck will watch over and allow them to dodge the first ranged attack made against them until the start of their next turn.
Bear Swipes+ Beartouched: Bear Arm +1 base damage, scales twice as much with Bonus Damage and Potency.
Chaos Whorl Sylvan: Sylvan Arm (Active) Once per turn as a single action, Hero targets an enemy, causing it to suck up health from nearby enemies as Temp Health. Number of enemies and health taken increases with the size of the target, up to a 4-tile target.
Covering Fire Pet Fire Chicken: Fire Chicken (Passive) Upon ending their turn on a tile with a blaze, Hero becomes hidden.
Crow Scratch+ Crowtouched: Crow Arm +1 base damage, scales twice as much with Bonus Damage and Potency.
Crystal Chrysalis Crystalline: Gem Arm or Gem Leg (Active) Once every three turns, Hero encases themself in impenetrable crystal. Next turn, they break out, dealing x-x damage and 2 shred to foes within x tile.
Crystal Sword+ Crystalline: Gem Arm (R) +1 base damage, scales twice as much with Bonus Damage and Potency.
Curse Skeletal: Skull Head (Active) Hero targets an enemy and reduces their dodge by 15 and their damage by 3 for two turns.
Deep Roots Elmsoul: Tree Arm or Tree Leg +1 Health, +2 Retirement Age, and +10 Recovery Rate for each tree limb
Elmsoul Bash+ Elmsoul: Tree Arm +1 base damage, scales twice as much with Bonus Damage and Potency.
Erratic Movement Pet Rat: Rat (Passive) When Hero ends their turn after dashing, they gain +30 dodge that goes away at the start of their next turn.
Fatal Flora Botanical: Vine Arm (L) Thorn Lash now applies +2 poison for each plant Hero is adjacent to. (Up to a max of 3 plants, deals 2 damage to each plant)
Feedback Loop Stormtouched: Storm Arm or Storm Leg (Passive) For all enemy magic attacks against Hero, the damage (or warded damage) is received as bonus Potency that lasts one turn.
Flamesoul+ Flamesoul: Fire Arm +2 base damage for Cone of Fire. +1 base damage for Flame Strike and scales twice as much with Bonus Damage and Potency.
Fly Crowtouched: Crow Wings (Active) As a swift action, every other turn, Hero flies three tiles away and gains +25 dodge that goes away at the start of their next turn.
Foothill Crush+ Child of the Hills: Foothill Arm +1 base damage, scales twice as much with Bonus Damage and Potency.
Harvest+ Shadow: Shadow Arm +1 base damage, scales twice as much with Bonus Damage and Potency.
Howl Wolftouched (Active) Once per combat, as a swift action, grant +2 Speed to all heroes for 3 turns
Jumpjolt+ Stormtouched: Storm Arm +1 base damage, scales twice as much with Bonus Damage and Potency.
Living Hearth Flamesoul: Fire Leg or Fire Arm (Passive) Hero gains +1 Potency and +2 range to Cone of Fire when standing on the same tile as a blaze.
Mark Prey Pet Drauven-Bird: Drauven Bird (Active) As a swift action, Hero sends their bird to harry an enemy, flanking them from the opposite direction.
Meteor Strike Celestial: Celestial Arm (Active) Hero can summon a falling star that deals damage in an area at the start of their next turn.
Mortificial Limbs+ Mortificial Enhancements: Morthagi Arm +1 base damage for both Mortificial abilities, scales twice as much with Bonus Damage and Potency.
Nimble Nature Foxish: Fox Tail (Passive) Gain +1 Speed, +10 Stunt Chance, and +10 Dodge.
Prehensile Piercer Scorpioid: Scorpion Tail Sting gains +1 damage and +1 range.
Protector Pet Rabbit: Avenger (Passive) When an adjacent ally is attacked via melee, Hero retaliates with a melee counterattack. (Regardless of whether that enemy is within range)
Salvage Mortificial Enhancements: Morthagi Arm or Morthagi Leg (Active) Once every other turn, as swift action, Hero destroys a piece of scenery to gain 4 non-stacking Temp Health.
Shadestride Shadow: Shadow Leg (Passive) Hero has +2 speed and the ability to move through scenery.
Shard Skin Child of the Hills: Foothill Arm or Foothill Leg (Passive) +1 Armor. When a physical melee attack hits Hero, but only shreds armor, twice that damage is reflected back at the attacker.
Shooting Star+ Celestial: Celestial Arm +1 base damage, scales twice as much with Bonus Damage and Potency.
Shy Swipes Pet Cat: Black Cat The first enemy to enter adjacency with Hero each turn will take 3 shred and then 2 damage (instead of 2 shred or 1 damage)
Skeletal Dagger+ Skeletal: Skeletal Arm (R) +1 base damage, scales twice as much with Bonus Damage and Potency.
Spiritchase Pet Shadowcat: Shadowcat Shreds 4 warding from 3 enemies in a chain (each within 5 tiles of the previous)
Staggering Spray Skunkish: Skunk Tail Skunk Spray poison increased by 2, and also applies 1 hobble.
Starguide Pet Rock: Ogogen Celestial tiles grant +2 Warding and +1 Armor to heroes standing on them
Talon Dive Hawksoul: Hawk Wings (Active) As a swift action, every other turn, Hero moves up to three tiles, dealing x damage to adjacent enemies upon landing.
Thorn Lash+ Botanical: Vine Arm (L) +2 base damage to Thorn Lash
Tongue Whip Frogtouched: Frog Head Tongue Whip now moves the target to a specified spot within range, and deals 4 damage.
Trinket Hunter Pet Critter: Critter (Passive) Gain a 30% chance to find an extra augment at the end of every mission
Ursine Hunger Beartouched: Bear Arm (Passive)Hero gains +0.2 health permanently for every enemy they slay with bear limbs, up to a maximum of 6 health.
Witherbolt+ Sylvan: Sylvan Arm (R) +1 base damage, scales twice as much with Bonus Damage and Potency.
Wolf Claw/Frenzy+ Wolftouched: Wolf Arm +1 base damage, scales twice as much with Bonus Damage and Potency.

Last updated 1.11+465 Firlow Hotfix using this script.

Other Abilities

Name Obtained Restrictions Description
Starheart All the Sweltering Stars Must have Goofball, Romantic, or Poet trait over 60 (Passive) +20 Charisma
When Hero takes damage, they have a 30% chance to blind the attacker.
Improvised Fireball Fireball Mystic-only Once per mission, Hero interfuses with a clay pot full of volatile chemicals, and lobs it to create a huge fireball!

Temporary Abilities

These are abilities that a hero may gain for a single combat based on the event that preceeded it.

Name Obtained Description
Rampaging Boulders Can be available during The Maker based on dialogue choice. Trigger a prepared trap: boulders will roll through the battlefield!
Volley of Arrows Available during an incursion defense battle if defenses were prepared. Local archers will fire a volley of arrows on your command, once every other turn.