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An accomplishment tied to player activity that may unlock concept art or theme skins.

Achievement Requirement
The Cost of Heroism Have a hero withdraw after being maimed
Me and My Familiar Get a pet
Cutthroat Competitors Trigger Rival ability "Oh yeah? Watch this!" 5 times in a single fight
Passing Shadow Have a hero end 5 consecutive turns in grayplane
This Too Shall Pass Be defeated in a battle
Daybreak Complete Age of Ulstryx Campaign
How Romantic! Kill 10 enemies with an attack that uses Lover's Vengeance
Completing the Look Get the head and all four limbs for a transformation
Chain Reaction Use three reaction strikes (guardian/sentinel) in a single turn
War Endured Complete The Enduring War Campaign
Who's Counting? Kill 100 monsters with a hero
Thematic Divergence Gain limbs from two different themes on a single hero
Core Failure Destroy the Morthagi Cores
A Story of Heroes Complete a Generic Campaign (Three or Five chapter)
Let Me Get My Chisel Complete a Carved in Stone campaign
Everfading Complete Eluna and the Moth Campaign
Pyrrhic Victory Win a battle after losing three heroes to either maiming or death
Another Tale to Tell Complete a Legacy Campaign (Three or Five chapter)
Echoes Die Complete Monarchs Under the Mountain Campaign
A Mythic Menagerie Get 5 different pets across all campaigns
Lochias's Hunger Kill an enemy of every monster group with Wolf Bite
We Emerge Changed Get transformed limbs from 10 different themes
Overwhelming Monstrosity Receive 150 calamities in a campaign
Storied Past Resolve all three hook quests with a hero
The Power of Friendship Have friendship ability "Got your back!" occur 20 times
Legends Never Die Promote a Legacy Hero to the rank of Mythwalker
Plague Doctor Kill three enemies with poison in a single turn
Thwack! Use Tree Bash to knock back enemies 50 tiles
Peacemaker Kill 1000 monsters with a hero
A Temperamental Shrub Poison 50 enemies with Botanical Thorn Lash
Into Mulch Kill three targets in a single use of Witherbolt
Astrology Kill 20 Enemies using Celestial Falling Stars
War-Ender Destroy the last of the Enduring
In Soil, In Smoke Complete All the Bones of Summer Campaign
Worldwalker Complete all five story campaigns
A Lowly Crust of Beef Complete a campaign on Walking Lunch difficulty
Back into the Sea Kill 1000 Gorgons (Across all campaigns)
Bonebreakers Kill 1000 Morthagi (Across all campaigns)
Empty the Caves Kill 1000 Deepists (Across all campaigns)
No More Nightmares Kill 1000 Thrixl (Across all campaigns)
Drauvenslayers Kill 1000 Drauven (Across all campaigns)
No Time for Clawmonsters Kill Calabyne in one turn
Turncoat Accept the Deepking's offer
I'm Not Smiling Terrify 10 enemies with Inscrutable Stare
All My Birds, Safely Home Acquire all five plot characters, and have them survive to the end (Eluna and the Moth)
Wingknight's Prowess Finish Chapter 3 intro mission without losing any units (All the Bones of Summer)
Bears are Scary Kill 2 enemies simultaneously with Bear Swipes
Fight Like a Bird Blind 20 enemies with Crow Scratch or Crow Peck
Grillmaster Hit 5 enemies simultaneously with a Cone of Fire
Solid as the Hills With Child of the Hills Theme, take no damage from an enemy attack 20 times
Some Say I'm Too Flashy With Gem Theme, stunt on 100 attacks
Tempest Kill three targets in a single use of Chain Lightning
We Call That Mortificient! Kill an enemy with Mortificial Hammer and Wrist Bolt in the same turn
Symbiosis Recover 30 health with Harvest or Dread Harvest
Gotta Ca... Must Collect All of Them Catch All 4 elemental spirit types