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| <strong>Outcome</strong>
| <strong>Outcome</strong>
| '''Success''': Gain a tier-appropriate leaf wand and begin combat.<br />'''Fail''': Begin combat.
| '''Success''': Gain the [[Firling Wand]] and begin combat.<br />'''Fail''': Begin combat.
''3. [[Hero]] gives away their heart''
''3. [[Hero]] gives away their heart''

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Answer to Austerity
Douglas Austin
Event type
Arrive at hostile site

The party track a forest spirit known as Lord Evergreen.


1. Attempt to communicate

2. Snatch a twig from its mane

3. Hero gives away their heart

4. "Go with him."


Option 3 is only available to a hero with the Wildheart hook or heroes that have been present during the Silver and Shadows event.

This event was added in update 0.18 Dahlia Leraan.

Targets: hook and hook2 refer to option 3 and option 4 respectively. 4 roles show up as required but only 3 heroes are needed to start the event.