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Beartouched is a Theme that can be gained by a Hero from the event The Shape Of Things To Come.

A fully transformed Beartouched Warrior.
The alternative "Ghost" skin, unlocked after completing the "Bears are Scary" achievement.
Ability upgrade to Bear Swipes.

In-Game Description

"<Hero> contains the soul of an old bear."


The Hero gains "Bear Tattoos" and their History will include:

In slaying the bear's spirit, <Hero> him/herself took on the Essence of the Bear.

Changing the Hero's hair color will change this theme's base appearance.

Bear Tattoos

"Ursine tattoos mark <Hero's> face."

+1 Health

Bear Arm (First)

Adds ability Swipes.

"Take a swipe at up to two adjacent targets"


Bear Arm (Second)

Adds ability Bear Hug.

"Hero grabs an enemy dealing damage and stunning them

Damage: 3-5 + (Bonus Damage + Potency)

Bear Leg