Combat Modifiers

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Combat Modifiers change aspects of battle during missions. Modifiers are usually determined by the event leading up to the mission.

List of Combat Modifiers

Image Name Effect Duration
Anticipation.png Anticipation All doors begin combat open -
Courage.png Courage All party members gain +2 damage/potency 3 turns
Cunning.png Cunning Flanking attacks this combat deal +1 damage entire battle
Disable.png Disable One party member gains stun (2) to begin combat 2 turns
Dismay.png Dismay All foes gain +1 hitpoint to start the mission -
Disorder.png Disorder Walling provides no armor this combat entire battle
Endurance.png Endurance All party members gain +1 armor and +1 warding entire battle
Exhaustion.png Exhaustion All swift actions are single actions for the duration of combat entire battle
Fortitude.png Fortitude All party members gain +1 temporary hitpoint -
Haste.png Haste All party members have +1 speed for the duration of combat entire battle
Insight.png Insight Double the stunt chance for all party members entire battle
Intimidation.png Intimidation All foes suffer 2 damage to start the mission -
Nausea.png Nausea All party members lose 1 hitpoint -
Stealth.png Stealth All party members begin combat in Greyplane -
Endurance.png Stoicism All party members gain +1 armor and +1 warding entire battle
Wound.png Wound One party member loses half hit points to start combat -


The icon for a potential combat modifier called "Misalignment" exists in the game's image files; however, there is no indication that a combat modifier by that name was ever used in the game data.