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Crystalline is a Theme that can be gained by a Hero from the event Heart of Stone.

A fully transformed Crystalline Warrior.
The alternative "Knight" skin, unlocked after completing the "Some Say I'm Too Flashy" achievement.
Ability upgrade to Crystal Sword.

In-Game Description

Shine on, you crazy diamond.


The Hero gains Gem Eye, and their History will include:

The following line will appear in their History:

After disturbing a mystical gem s/he ought not to have touched, <Hero's> body is being overgrown by a crystalline presence.

Changing the Hero's primary color will change this theme's appearance. The "Knight" skin can be changed with both the primary and secondary colors.

Gem Eye

A colored gem replaces <Hero's> eye.

Gem Arm (L)

<Hero's> left arm spreads out into a crystal shield.
  • +6 Stunt Chance
  • Shields reduce damage from non-flanking attacks by 1

Gem Arm (R)

<Hero's> right arm tapers into a craggy crystal sword.

Crystal Sword. UI DiamondRed.png single action, ends turn. <Hero> slashes a nearby foe with their gleaming sword-arm.

  • Damage: (4 to 7) + 1/2(Bonus Damage + Potency)
  • Range: 1.6

Gem Leg (L/R)

<Hero's> leg is made of gleaming shards.
  • -0.3 Speed (For a total of 1.4 speed. A normal human leg gives 1.7 speed)
  • +5 Block