Drauven Bird

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A birdy pal

The Drauven Bird is a pet that can be adopted via the One Small Life event.

In-Game Description

It's a little mean-looking, but it seems to like you 


Hero healed the bird's injury and apparently earned some loyalty.

Theme Upgrade

UI DiamondFeather.png swift action

Mark Prey

(Active) As a swift action, <name> sends their bird to harry an enemy, flanking them from the opposite direction.

Note: to use this ability, it must be selected as a theme upgrade upon hero promotion.


+5 Accuracy


  • The Drauven bird takes a special pet slot on the heroes shoulder. This means it is compatible with other pets that stand on the ground and a player can have two pets if one is the Drauven bird. For this reason it is strategically beneficial to take the bird.