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Foxflight is a Hunter ability with both a passive and active component.

A hunter with Foxflight active

In-Game Description

(Passive/Active) Hero has +1 speed; Once per combat, as a free action, activate to dodge the next two attacks against them (disables passive)


Dodges increased from 2 to 3.


The passive component of Foxflight grants the hero +1 speed. Once per combat, as a swift action, Foxflight can be activated to automatically dodge the next two attacks with no turn limit. Activating Foxflight disables its passive component until the end of combat.


Hunters benefit greatly from good positioning, so Foxflight's passive speed bonus is helpful whether the Hunter is trying to keep an enemy at range or maneuvering in for a dagger kill. The active dodge boost is terrific for those times when the Hunter is unexpectedly out in the open. It can even be used to help hold a vital chokepoint for a turn and keep other units safe from advancing enemies.