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Ignite is a Mystic ability.

In-Game Description

(Active) Hero pulls motes of heat out of the air and gathering them into a single point, creating an interfused blaze on a tile with debris.


 Ignite can be used on tiles without debris on them.


Ignite UI DiamondFilled.png single action. Conjure a blaze at a distance, interfusing with it if possible, and dealing magic (fire) damage to anything at that location.

A valid location must have debris on the ground. Does not require an available interfusion slot, but if the mystic has one, they are automatically interfused with the created blaze.

  • range 4.6 + Potency/2
  • damage 1 + Potency + Spell Damage (note that this is 1 less than Steal Fire or Fireleash)
  • Ignite counts as an attack and breaks grayplane even if it does not affect an enemy


  • As a move that conjures an interfusion target, it helps ensure your mystic will never be denied actions for lack of available scenery.
  • Synergizes with effects that create debris, like Splinterblast. If there aren't enough trees on the battlefield, make your own with Arches.
  • If you can create a blaze under a 2+-tile foe and have another action point, you can do damage again with Fireleash. Ignite+ is especially powerful because it lets you do this under large foes any time you want.
  • Strong enabler of Elementalist, Spiritblade, and Ember Arrows, reliably providing Blazes regardless of scenery.
  • If an enemy happens to stand on debris, Ignite can be used as a non-turn-ending attack. Ignite+ always can, for great action-economy efficiency.