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Indignance is a passive Mystic ability.

In-Game Description

 (Passive) Hero's presence is charged against her foes, dealing x true damage to hostile creatures who enter adjacency with her for any reason.


 Base damage and range increased by 1.


A hero with Indignance emits an aura around themselves that deals damage ignoring armor to every adjacent enemy, including diagonals.

Damage = 1 + Potency/3

  • The aura damages enemies the hero moves near and also enemies that move adjacent to the hero.
  • The damage is only dealt once for each adjacent encounter (even if this monster takes up multiple squares). However, if a hero becomes adjacent to an enemy, moves out of adjacency, and then somehow moves adjacent again on the same turn, the damage will be dealt twice.
  • The damage is done immediately when the hero enters adjacency. Passing through is enough; it is not necessary to stop.
  • The damage is not an attack and does not set up flanking.
  • Triggering Indignance does not break grayplane.

Upgraded Indignance (range 2) is blocked by permanent walls.