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* [[Guides]]
* [[Guides]]
* [[Combat]]
* [[Combat]]
* [[Overland Map]]
* [[Overland map]]
* [[Intervals]]
* [[Interval]]s
* [[Lore]]
* [[Lore]]

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Wildermyth Official Wiki

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Wildermyth is a character-driven randomly generated tactical role-playing game.

You, the player, develop heroes as the game progresses, by scouting the overland map, fighting any lurking threats, defending and improving the area over time, and taking part in quest opportunities that arise. Building bridges and passes opens up navigation across rivers and mountain ranges.

Collected resources can be used to craft better tiers of equipment. Leveling up your heroes offers you a choice of new random abilities. Your enemies also grow in strength through calamities that occur as time advances.

Legacy points that you accrue can be used to recruit new heroes to your company, build new stations, dispel calamities, or avert enemy incursions.

Completing a campaign lets you use those legendary heroes in future campaigns as part of your legacy.

The game is developed by Worldwalker Games LLC, and is currently in Early Access beta. This wiki is for players and developers. Please improve it! No need to ask permission, you just need to create an account (because spammers, otherwise).



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