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This ability is obsolete. It was removed in patch 0.13+109.

Phantomflare was an active Hunter ability that draws enemies' attention, enabling flanking attacks on those caught unawares.

Phantomflare range and area of effect

In-Game Description

(Active) Once per combat, as a free action, Hero sparks an eye-catching flame, enabling flanking attacks on enemies caught in the radius.


Phantomflare is a swift action that can be used once per combat. The ability has a 7-tile range and a 4-tile radius.

Every enemy unit in the area of effect is marked as if it received a zero-damage attack originating at the center of the Phantomflare ability. For the rest of the turn, this virtual attack is taken into consideration when calculating whether additional attacks receive the flanking bonus.

Blocking or dodging the Phantomflare ability does not negate its effect.

Allied units are not affected by this ability.


A well-placed Phantomflare can ensure guaranteed hits on multiple enemies while also activating bonus damage from dagger weapons. It is best used when several enemies can be eliminated on a single turn.