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Quellingmoss is a passive Hunter ability that adds a poison damage-over-time effect to a Hunter's physical attacks.

A Roe poisoned by Quellingmoss

In-Game Description

(Passive/Active) Hero has coated her weapons in quellingmoss; their melee and ranged attacks apply Poison 1. As an action, they can toss a flask of burning moss that applies Poison x to all units in a small area.


Passive and active poison both increased by 1. 
Passive: 1 ➔ 2
Active: x ➔ x+1


  • Passive effect: poison is applied automatically by melee and ranged attacks (including off-hand and theme attacks), and Jumpjaw traps.
  • Active effect: UI DiamondFilled.png single action, range 5 + Long Reach, effect radius 2.1, applies 1+Potency/2 poison
  • Poison does no damage on the turn it is applied; it takes effect at the start of the monster's turn.


  • Quellingmoss is particularly effective against enemies with high armor and low health, as poison bypasses all damage mitigation.