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Scorpioid is a theme that can be gained by a hero from the event The Merchant.

<self> has a wicked, segmented aspect.
A warrior with a scorpion tail.

Theme conflicts

A Scorpioid hero will not be eligible for any of these additional themes: Foxish, Skunkish, Ratlike

If a hero has any of these themes, it is not possible to also become Scorpioid: Foxish, Skunkish

Theme Upgrade

Prehensile Piercer

Sting gains +1 damage and +1 range.

Note: to use this ability, it must be selected as a theme upgrade upon hero promotion.


The hero has a scorpion tail, which can be used to attack and poison enemies.

Scorpion Tail

<self> has a scorpion tail.
UI DiamondFilled.png single action


x damage, 2 pierce

<name> uses their tail to sting nearby enemies, applying poison on stunt.

Damage: (2 to 3) + 1/2(Bonus Damage + Potency)


UI DiamondFilled.png single action


x damage, 2 pierce

<name> uses their tail to sting nearby enemies, applying poison on stunt.

Damage: (3 to 5) + (Bonus Damage + Potency)

Note: In 1.6 +398 Edina Gramling Hotfix 2 the formula displayed for damage (as above, and in game) is incorrect and not consistent with tooltip for prehensile piercer. Actual damage is (3 to 4) + 1/2(Bonus Damage + Potency).


  • A scorpion tail provides the longest range melee attack in the game. This is quite useful to Warriors and can allow Hunters with Thornfang to kill an additional enemy without needing to spend an action to reposition.
  • When a warrior uses a scorpion tail attack with Broadswipes the range of broadswipes will be equal to the range of the heroes primary attack, which is either their held weapon or an arm theme attack if no relevant weapon is held.
  • Broadswipes can hit an enemy hit directly by the tail attack if the tail attack hits multiple enemies.
  • For non-melee focused heroes a Foxish tail is generally preferable.