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Shadow is a Theme that can be gained by a Hero from the event The Inhabitant.

A fully transformed Shadow Hunter.
The alternative "Wild" skin, unlocked after completing the "Symbiosis" achievement.
Ability upgrade to Harvest.

In-Game Description

Something that had been sleeping inside you is now waking up.


The Hero gains Shadowed and a Shadow Limb.

Changing the Hero's primary and secondary colors will change this theme's appearance. The "Wild" skin can be changed with the secondary color.


Two souls peer from <Hero's> eyes now.

After accepting the offer eyes of <Hero> are turning shadowy and eyebrows are becoming long and wood-ish. Also gives a <Hero> +1 Speed

Shadow Arm

<Hero's> arm twitches and swirls with dark energy.

Harvest. Hero rakes a nearby foe with his shadowy claws. If he kills it, he consumes its soul to heal 1 HP for each shadow limb he has. (2-4 + 1/2(Bonus Damage + Potency) damage, UI DiamondRed.png single action, ends turn)

Shadow Leg

<Hero's> leg is somewhat demonic.

+1.7 Speed (same as a natural human leg).