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Stalwart is a Warrior ability.

In-Game Description

(Active) As a swift action, Hero can enable/disable Stalwart, which grants +3 Armor and Warding but reduces their Speed by 1/2.


When Stalwart is active, Hero also becomes immune to negative status effects.



Part of the major tanking archetype, with Engage and Vigilance.

Synergizes with Sentinel, as it provides the survivability that ability really needs, and Sentinel provides some mobility to mitigate Stalwart's slowness.

Zealous Leap can provide mobility to help a Stalwart warrior get around.

Stalwart's bonus armor provides extra damage for Backslam, though because both moves use swift actions they can sometimes conflict with each other.

Because Stalwart requires a swift action to activate or deactivate, it can conflict a bit with other abilities that rely on swift actions like Shieldshear.

Aid, Endurance, Hardiness and Tinker are all fine for a tank, but usually there are better choices.


  • Prior to patch 0.8+86 Grifwit Marten the ability was named Centurion.