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Stats for Story Roles and Their Relationships: When one of these stats is called out as a role, it means that hero has the highest number for that stat in the present or affected party. If that stat is called out negatively (e.g. “Not Leader”) that character has the lowest number for the correlating stat.

The hook describes a facet of a character’s personality and especially as pertains to that character’s place in stories. Affects what characters might say, and what language is associated with them, as well as relationships with other characters.

It should be possible to call out Roles for party, or for the whole company in an event, if necessary.

Bookish – Nose in a book, this character is involved with stories and science, and shuns needless action.

Coward – This character often quails when confronted with true horror, but will come through at unexpected times.

Goofball – This character tends to joke and make a fool of herself, especially when tensions are high.

Healer – This character is naturally gifted and nursing and nurturing others, and tends to have an intuitive sense for people’s pain.

Hothead – This character is quick to anger, quick to action, and will often be impatient when asked to wait.

Leader – This character tends to take the lead, either explicitly or implicitly, in situations that require a firm or decisive statement.

Loner – This character is unafraid of loneliness, even embraces it. Often pulls in the direction of solitary action and survival.

Greedy – I want to keep this explanation all to myself. It's mine, all mine. (this replaced the 'peacemaker' role)

Poet – This character sees things in a different way, alive to the sensory pleasures of the world and able to express her aliveness with some fluency.

Romantico – This character is a Casanova, or at least wishes he were, and will speak up in romantic matters and be influenced often by his attractions.

Snark – This character is witty and sarcastic, and often negative, but may be shockingly hopeful and romantic when it comes right down to it.