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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Status effect.

This template is used by the game data process to help keep pages up-to-date. It should not need to be called manually.


This template displays a stylized reference to a status effect. Hero status effects are also auto-categorized, although monster status effects aren't.

The template uses the following parameters:

a word (e.g., hobble, hobbles, hobbled, hobbling) associated with a status effect. The word can be capitalized.
The (sub)pagename (e.g., Bear Hug) of the ability that applies the status effect. The status effect will only be categorized on that (sub)page.


Hero grabs an enemy, dealing damage and {{Status effect|word=stunning|pagename=Bear Hug}} them.

Hero grabs an enemy, dealing damage and stunning them.

Technical details

Description (.blurb) data comes from Wildermyth's.properties files. For example, assets/text/effects/bear/bearHug.properties includes the following lines:

.blurb=<self> grabs an enemy, dealing damage and [:statusEffect.senseless]stunning[] them.
.name=Bear Hug

The [:statusEffect.senseless]stunning[] markup stylizes the word stunning for the UI's action tooltips, and character sheet. On the wiki, the stylized text is also linked (to the appropriate status effect page), and possibly categorized (only if the text appears on the Bear Hug page).

Unrecognized words

If the developers add a new status effect to the game (or a new associated word for an existing status effect), the associated word(s) (and any new status effect category) would need to be added to this template.

Victor {{Status effect|word=hides|pagename=Hidden}} from the monster.

Victor (unrecognized word “hides” for Template:Status effect) from the monster.

Cipolla {{Status effect|word=hypnotizes|pagename=Hypnotized}} the waiter.

Cipolla (unrecognized word “hypnotizes” for Template:Status effect) the waiter.