Through Shot

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Through Shot is an active Hunter ability that upgrades and replaces the default Shoot action.

Through Shot targeting multiple enemies

In-Game Description

(Active) Hero fires a cleverly placed arrow that will pass through the first target and hit the next target in a line, within attack range.


Throughshot can hit any number of enemies in a line, dealing 1 less damage to each consecutive enemy


  • Through Shot replaces the standard Shoot action for equipped bows and crossbows. It functions identically except that it also hits additional enemies in a line between the hunter and the target. Without the upgrade, Through Shot will only attempt to hit the first two targets along this line. Each enemy uses its own defense statistics when evaluating whether it is hit.
  • Foes are hit sequentially along the line such that if an earlier target is killed, a hunter with Rogue will enter grayplane, causing the next target's armor to be ignored. A hunter does not exit grayplane until all targets are hit, however.
  • Through Shot also makes Wrist Bolt and Shooting Star hit multiple targets in the same fashion.
  • Through Shot with an equipped bow or crossbow does not work with Archery or Ambush. However, Through Shot with Wrist Bolt or Shooting Star does work with these abilities.


  • A required ability for most ranged hunter builds, Through Shot+ can boost a hunter's damage output manyfold with good positioning.