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Ulstryx the Gorgonlord


In-game description:

The mighty lord of the Gorgons, scarred and strong, hurls his underlings before him and raises himself high, prepared to fight. 


Name Type Effect
Tidal Swings 8-10 damage, 2 range. Attacks target and enemies adjacent to the target. Corrupts the ground and splash onto adjacent foes.
Hurl beast Ranged attack Ulstryx hurls a beast at his foes. 2 true damage
Crush Move through scenery and stomp it flat
Spear of the Seaqueen Passive Ulstryx wields a potent symbol of Goron virtue, inspiring all True Gorgons.


A gorgonlord of great power and age, like all gorgons he can’t really die. His soul is a worm. Cut it, and you have two. He wanders the Wildermyth as few can, and finds his way into troubled Yonderings where he can work his disease, spread stillness, quiet, sleep. Who knows if its rage that burns in his eyes? It might only be a cold wise fire, a gorgon mathematics for peace and beauty. Few are as dangerous or eternal as Ulstryx.