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| Poisonous
| Poisonous
| Random Drop
| Random Drop
== Weapon droprate ==
The drop rates for getting an Artifact Weapon.
{| class="wikitable"
! Name !! drop rate
Within those the chance of getting a specific Artifact in the weapon Archetypes is influenced by the amount of Artifact Weapons.
{| class="wikitable"
! Name !! drop rate
|'''Sword (1)'''
|'''Axe (8)'''
|'''Spear (5)'''
|'''Mace (3)'''
|'''Bow (3)'''
|'''Crossbow (1)'''
|'''Dagger (1)'''
|'''Staff (0)'''
|'''Wand (1)'''


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Weapons are the equipment heroes carry in their primary and/or secondary equipment slots. They serve as the primary method for dealing damage to enemies.

General Information

All weapons are either one-handed or two-handed. One-handed weapon types include: crossbows, daggers, dueling swords, swords, axes, maces, and wands. Two-handed weapon types include: bows, greataxes, greatspears, greatswords, hammers, and staves. If a hero loses arm(s) or undergoes some transformation, some of these weapons may not be equipped.

Like all equipment, weapons cannot be transferred or traded among heroes after being assigned.

Generally, a hero can only hold/equip one weapon at a time, but an extra weapon can be stored on the back. Switching weapons in combat is an unlimited free action.

Weapon Qualities

Weapons can be basic quality (i.e. the randomly generated weapons that you come across during your play), elemental quality (a stunt effect is added to the weapon), or artifact quality (named weapons that have set descriptions and stats/abilities). All weapons, regardless of quality, additionally come in tiers representing their general power, usually spanning from Tier 1 (the weakest) to Tier 3 (the full capability of the weapon). An additional bottom tier, Tier 0, is present for certain categories of generic weapons. Weapons of all qualities can be upgraded to higher tiers through the crafting system.

Basic Weapons

Basic weapons are the most widely available. They are often obtained through random loot, but they can also be crafted with the correct resources or using legacy points. Basic weapons typically come with a randomly generated name, but do not offer any additional bonuses beyond what might be normal for a weapon of their type.

Tier 0 weapons are the basic weapons that heroes normally start the game with. Unless otherwise specified, all Tier 0 weapons have a range of 1.6 and stunt damage of 1.

Tier 0 Weapons
Item Image Description Type Stats
Old Sword image A notched old thing that's seen better days, it belonged to a relation, once upon a time. Sword Damage:
Pitchfork image A wood shaft affixed with an iron fork for shoveling hay, it's effective and traditional. Greatspear Damage: 4
Range: 2.1
Frying Pan image A roughly made mace. Mace Damage: 4
Knockback: 1.6
Root Club image Hacked from the foot of an uprooted tree, it's heavy and dangerous in the right hands. Mace Damage:
Pick Axe image Normally used against rocks and tree roots, it can do some damage if you can connect. Axe Damage: 4
Shred: 1
Shovel image "This shovel will dig... your grave!" Spear Damage:
Farm Bow image "A bit of pliable wood and some horsehair makes a fine weapon to warn off wolves with." Bow Damage: 3
Range: 1.9–7.6
Soupspoon Soupspoon.png Good at serving people soup. I don't know why you think you can cast a spell with it. Wand Damage: 1
Spell Damage: 1
Warding +1
Walking Staff image Isn't this literally just a gnarled branch you picked up when you were out hiking?. Staff Damage:

Elemental Weapons

Every once in a while your party might encounter an elemental spirit during a mission (see Spirit Captured for more information). If you catch it, it can enchant one of the currently wielded weapons of the hero who catches it, or give you a legacy point. The process of enchanting your currently wielded weapon effectively destroys your old weapon and replaces it with an elemental quality weapon of the same type and tier.

Each element gives a different bonus when a hero stunts. The element granted is dependent upon the element of the spirit encountered.

Fire Damages up to three nearby enemies.
Water Refunds one action point. (Can only occur once per turn)
Leaf Grants two temporary hit points. (This effect can stack)
Stone Shreds 1 Armour of all enemies in a two tile radius.

Obtaining an enchantment for a specific weapon type unlocks that option in your legacy when you win a game. Thereafter, you will be able to craft that enchanted weapon type in future games without having to capture another spirit. It is only necessary for a spirit to have created a weapon of that type for you, not for you to have ever used it or even taken it in your possession. This means, for example, that you can tell a fire spirit to enchant your dagger, have it make a fire dagger for you, and then salvage it immediately -- and once you win the campaign it will nevertheless be unlocked in your legacy.

Artifact Weapons

Artifact weapons are most notable for their unique bonuses, visual appearances, and the fact that they carry over with a legacy hero into their next story or campaign (rather than being lost as most equipment is). Many are obtained through random drops, but some are available through specific events or moments in the main campaigns. They are never available to be crafted, but an already obtained artifact quality weapon can have its tier improved using the crafting system.

Artifact Weapons
Name Image Type Effect Obtained
Antler Bow
Bow Deals bonus damage to Gorgons, +1 Stunt Damage Random Drop
Avenger (Sword)
Sword +1 Stunt Damage, Stunt Effect: Fire Event
Crossbow More accuracy than a normal Crossbow, +1 Stunt Damage Random Drop
Bone Bow
Bow +1/2/3 Potency, -10 Charisma Event
Bone Spear
Item spear1Bone t3.png
Spear +1/2/3 Potency, -10 Charisma Event
Greataxe Shreds more armor than a normal axe, +1 Stunt Damage. The Enduring War
Cyclone Fork
Item spear cyclonefork.png
Greatspear +1 Speed, +1 Stunt Damage. Random Drop
Greatspear On attack, deals 1 damage to all enemies within range, +1 Stunt Damage. Random Drop
Elgorn Pike
Greatspear Deals more damage than a normal Greatspear Random Drop
Empowered Bone Bow
Item bowBone2 t3.png
Bow +2/3/4 Potency, -10 Charisma, Stunt Effect: Stone Event
Empowered Bone Spear
Item spear1Bone2 t3.png
Spear +2/3/4 Potency, -10 Charisma, Stunt Effect: Stone Event
Fang Axe
Axe Bonus damage to Drauven, +1 Stunt Damage Random Drop
Dueling Sword Bonus Damage on Enemy Turn, +1 Stunt Damage Unknown
Axe On attack, deals 1 damage to all enemies within range, +1 Stunt Damage Random Drop
Sword Heal on kill, but no Sword block bonus. Event
Mace Stuns enemy on Stunt, +1 Stunt Damage. Random Drop
Item axe2Lockbreaker t3.png
Greataxe Deals bonus damage to Morthagi, +1 Stunt Damage. Random Drop
Minotaur Axe
Item axe2Minotaur t3.png
Greataxe Deals bonus damage to Deepists, +1 Stunt Damage. Random Drop
Greatspear Deals bonus damage to Thrixl, +1 Stunt Damage Random Drop
Night Shard
Nightshard t3.png
Sword +5/10/15 dodge, +1 Stunt Damage Event
Staff +Knockback, +1 Stunt Damage, No spell damage bonus All the Bones of Summer
Oath of Oldwane
Item dagger oldwane.png
Dagger +2 Warding, +4 Potency Event
Petriglass Seaspear
Item spear gorgon.png
Greatspear +1 Stunt Damage, Stunt Effect: Water Age of Ulstryx
Petriglass Wand
Wand Stunt Effect: Water Gorgon Story
Hammer +1 Stunt Damage, Stunt Effect: Stone Random Drop (Unconfirmed)
Queen Axe
Axe Bonus damage to single-tile enemies, +1 Stunt Damage Random Drop
Sharktooth Axe
Greataxe +2 Shred, but -1 Damage compared to a normal Greataxe. Random Drop
Starseed Staff
Staff Gain "Starseed" ability, +1 Stunt Damage, Stunt Effect: Fire Event
Starseed Wand
Wand +1 Stunt Damage, Stunt Effect: Fire Event
Bow Deals more damage than a normal Bow Unknown
Swan Scepter
Wand Interfusion is a free action Random Drop (Rare)
Sylvan Axe
Axe +1 Stunt Damage, Stunt Effect: Leaf Event
Axe Bonus damage to large (4+ tile) enemies, +1 Stunt Damage Random Drop
The Orphan Sword
Greatsword Deals more damage than a normal Greatsword All the Bones of Summer
Thorn of the Fens
Spear x2 Damage when Flanking All the Bones of Summer
Titan's Fist
Item mace titansfist.png
Hammer Bonus Knockback, +1 Stunt Damage Random Drop
Item bowVigilkeeper t3.png
Bow +1 Range, +1 Stunt Damage Random Drop
Bow +Knockback, Stunt Effect: Stone Monarchs Under the Mountain
Vracsel's Staff
Staff Stunt Effect: Fire Drauven Story
Will of the Forest
Item spear2Forest t3.png
Greatspear Spawns trees on kill, +1/2/3 Potency Event
Dagger Can attack diagonally with this Dagger, +1 Stunt Damage Random Drop
Greataxe Hobbles enemies on attack, +1 Stunt Damage Random Drop
Greatspear Poisonous Random Drop

Weapon droprate

The drop rates for getting an Artifact Weapon.

Name drop rate
Sword 1.0
Axe 1.0
Spear 1.0
Mace 1.0
Bow 1.3
Crossbow 0.5
Dagger 0.7
Staff 0.7
Wand 0.3

Within those the chance of getting a specific Artifact in the weapon Archetypes is influenced by the amount of Artifact Weapons.

Name drop rate
Sword (1) 1.0
Axe (8) 0.125
Spear (5) 0.2
Mace (3) 0.33
Bow (3) 0.33
Crossbow (1) 1.0
Dagger (1) 1.0
Staff (0)
Wand (1) 1.0