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A Botanical Hero showing the Leafmark

A Hero can become Botanical as the result of the event The Strider.

In-Game Description

Hero's blood runs a little green.


The hero is gifted a leafy headbloom by the mysterious woodland creature.


A leafy crest blooms from Hero's forehead.
  • +10 Recovery Rate

Vine Arm (First)

Grants Thorn Lash ability. Lash out, shredding armor and dealing damage in a line. Vine Arm (Second) Vine Leg (First) -0.3 Speed, +5 Dodge, -5 Block Vine Leg (Second) Theme conflicts

Vine Arm (Second)

Grants Entangle ability. Send out vines to grab a foe and push them around.

Vine Arm (Leg)

  • -0.3 Speed
  • +5 Dodge
  • -5 Block