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Celestial is a transformation that can be gained by a hero from the event chain Star DanceBook of StarsGlimmering Pool.

A Celestial hero with Star Hair

In-Game Description

An ethereal sparkle emanates from Hero.


The hero gains twinkling Star Hair and their history will include:

Hero stepped into a glittering pool one day and emerged with stars in her eyes and constellations etched across her skin.

The event targets heroes with the following stats:

  • Max (Poet, Romantic, Healer) score >= 60, and age < 55
  • Max coward, with preference given to coward in relationship with first target
  • Max goofball, with preference given to goofball in relationship with first target

Star Hair

Points of light twinkle in Hero's hair.

Blinding Attacks. (Passive) Starlight shines forth from the hero's attack's. 25% chance for attacks to blind enemies.

Celestial Arm (L)


Falling Stars. Stars fall in a small area, burning foes.

Celestial Arm (R)


Shooting Star. Shoot a burst of star-energy at a nearby foe.