Child of the Hills

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A hero with Hill Tattoos and Foothill Arm

Child of the Hills is a transformation that can happen to a hero after the event The Offering.

In-Game Description

Hero carries the hills in her very bones.


The hero is branded with a mystic face tattoo, and their left arm is replaced by a Foothill Arm.

Hill Tattoos

Hero was granted the strength of the Hills for services rendered to an ancient spirit.

Foothill Arm (First)

Hero's left arm is made of rock.

The arm cannot grip a weapon or use any items, but can crush enemies.

Crush. Hero strikes with her stone arm, knocking the foe to another tile and dealing additional damage equal to the distance knocked back.

Foothill Arm (Second)

Stonewall. Gain +2 armor until the start of the next turn.

Foothill Leg

  • -0.8 Speed
  • +0.6 Armor