Combat Modifiers

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Combat Modifiers are effects that have minor (or sometimes major) effects on a single battle. Usually these are determined by the event leading up to the battle.

List of Combat Modifiers

Image Name Effect Duration
Anticipation.png Anticipation All doors begin combat open -
Courage.png Courage All party members gain +2 damage/potency 3 turns
Cunning.png Cunning Flanking attacks this combat deal +1 damage entire battle
Disable.png Disable One party member gains stun (2) to begin combat 2 turns
Dismay.png Dismay All foes gain +1 hitpoint to start the misson -
Disorder.png Disorder Walling provides no armor this combat entire battle
Endurance.png Endurance All party members gain +1 armor and +1 warding entire battle
Exhaustion.png Exhaustion All swift actions are single actions for the duration of combat entire battle
Fortitude.png Fortitude All party members gain +1 temporary hitpoint -
Haste.png Haste All party members have +1 speed for the duration of combat entire battle
Insight.png Insight Double the stunt chance for all party members entire battle
Intimidation.png Intimidation All foes suffer 2 damage to start the mission -
Nausea.png Nausea All party members lose 1 hitpoint -
Stealth.png Stealth All party members begin combat in Greyplane -
Wound.png Wound One party member loses half hit points to start combat -


The icon for a potential combat modifier called "Misalignment" exists in the game's image files; however, there is no indication that a combat modifier by that name was ever used in the game data.