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A Hero with a Gem Eye

A Hero can become Crystalline as the result of the event Heart of Stone.

In-Game Description

Shine on, you crazy diamond.


The hero receives a Gem Eye, the color of which is decided by the hero's personal color scheme. The event targets a hero with the following stats:

  • Max (Bookish, Coward, Goofball, Loner, Greedy, Poet, Snark) score >= 80

The following line will appear in their History:

 After disturbing a mystical gem he ought not to have touched, Hero's body is being overgrown by a crystalline presence.

When a character is maimed, their limb will be replaced by a Gem limb.

Gem Eye

A colored gem replaces Hero's eye.

Gem Arm(First)

  • +6 Stunt chance; Shield (reduces damage from non-flanking attacks by 1)

Gem Arm (Second)

"Crystal Sword. Clash a nearby foe."

Gives ability of slashing with crystal sword.

Gem Leg

Fully maimed character. Shines like a coin.