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A powerful marker that changes how the character might interact with events, and also acts as a seed for the character to undergo a specific quest; applied by history and sometimes events. Hooks are fundamentally just aspects with a special naming convention and some extra tooling around them.

Heroes start the game with 3 hooks, which are specific character aspects and often take the form of a personality flaw or quirk.

Hook Blurb
Brash I don't care how many there are!
Brokenheart I've lost before and I know I will again.
Clown Hold my beer...
Creative Art is my refuge.
Curious I can't stand not knowing!
Darkheart Don't ask me about the path I walk.
Destiny Something important looms in my future.
Distant Don't get too attached, you'll only get hurt.
Dreamer Don't you just wonder, sometimes?
Flirt Hello there.
Gritty I do what has to be done. That's all.
Inhabited I'm fine thank you... How are you and your kin?
Integrity No, actually it's pretty simple.
Literary Language is the first magic, our truest weapon, our ultimate legacy.
Loyal I would stop at nothing to protect a friend.
Lucky Everything always turns out fine, doesn't it?
Mysterious Another time, under another sky, things were different...
Nostalgic Do you remember when...?
Physical The joy of motion, the sensuousness of being alive.
Potential Maybe today wasn't my day. But there's a coming dawn...
Proud I know who I am. I don't need anyone to tell me.
Shame I don't talk about it.
Slacker Oh, you know. We've got plenty of time...
Thorny Did I ask you? I didn't, did I?
Wanderlust The wind is blowing, the road is calling.
Weird Hm?
Wildheart The treesmell. The odorous stones after rain. I live for those things.