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A section of playable time, involving goals whose fulfillment signals the chapter’s end. Chapters, together with intervals, form a campaign. Each chapter has a goal, and ends when the heroes achieve it.


The chapter ends when you fulfill all the goals. In a scripted campaign, a completed goal can sometimes be immediately replaced by a new goal (such as "Find the Lair" ➔ "Kill the Boss").


A tiding from the years of peace

A “lull” in the action, during which a number of years of peace pass by; intervals separate chapters and propel time forward, affecting domain and heroes, without forcing the player to endure time’s passage.


At the beginning of the interval, a score panel is shown. Resources are earned from all developed tiles held at the end of the chapter. The heroes earn years of peace based on how many territories they have developed and made safe, and how many threats they left on the map.

Threats Diminish

A few calamity cards will be removed from the Doom Tracker. The number depends on difficulty and on how many cards have been collected so far.


A montage of short vignettes shows what the heroes got up to during that time, with no choices to be made by the player and usually no lasting consequences.

Often the child of a hero will join up with the party (for free, 0 LP).

If a hero has reached retirement age, they retire now. Gain +3 LP.

Gear Upgrades

You have the opportunity to spend resources to craft new or better gear for the heroes.

Small discounts are given if you replace an item with a similar upgrade.

Items cannot be traded. Replaced items are lost.

New Threats

The shadows deepen. Enemy forces add +1 to the number of cards they draw at the beginning of every battle, for the remainder of the game.

New territories to explore and an additional town to defend are revealed on the overland map.