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(Guides for particular types of mods)
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* [[Modding Wilderness encounter|Modding a wilderness encounter]]
* [[Modding Wilderness encounter|Modding a wilderness encounter]]
* [[Modding add equipment|Adding equipment]]
* [[Modding add equipment|Adding equipment]]
* [[Modding add monster|Adding a monster]]
= How it Works =  
= How it Works =  

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Wildermyth is intended to be pretty moddable, but a lot of stuff isn't documented yet.

Tutorials and Guides

How to write your own Villain

This is a series of blog posts that walk through how to create a villain (campaign story). The story is called "Heart of the Forest" and the mod is shipped with the game so you can inspect it or use it as a baseline.

Writing Stories

There are a bunch of helpful articles on the wiki for this!

Guides for particular types of mods

This section has guides to developing particular types of mods.

How it Works

Each mod lives in its own folder, and mirrors the folder structure of the game itself. When the game loads, are mods are scanned in order to show available scenarios, which can come from any mod. When a particular game is started, the mod where the story is found is always used, and additional mods can be specified. Mods can override any of the main categories of data that the game uses, and can provide new images too. Not all image-modding functionality is supported currently, however.

Where to find installed mods

  • Mods included with the game are stored under steam\steamapps\common\wildermyth\mods\builtin
  • Mods that you create are stored under steam\steamapps\common\wildermyth\mods\user
  • Mods that you download from the steam workshop are harder to find. Under steam\steamapps\workshop\content, you need to know or guess the numeric steam game ID. It seems to be 763890, so go inside that folder. Then each mod is assigned a numeric steam mod ID. If you have several mods, you may be able to guess which folder goes to a particular mod by the date you installed it. If not, go into each folder and double click on the preview.jpg file to view it. This is the "splash screen" of the mod. Once you have found the steam ID of a particular mod, it may be easiest to write that down on a sticky by your monitor.
  • (To do: when mods are installed from other sites such as nexusmods, where do they get installed?

Game Data Reference

How the game works.