Mortificial Enhancements

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A maimed character can recieve Mortificial Enhancements - clockwork limbs to replace those lost - via a particular event.

In-Game Description

Hero has replaced and augmented parts of his body with mortificial components.


This transformation can be acquired during the event Troygan the Enchanger.

Mortificial Enhancements


Braincase or Clockwork Skull


Morthagi Arm (First)

Character with a Morthagi arm.
Hero's left arm is clockwork and bone

Adds action Wrist Bolt: Shoots a crossbow bolt at a nearby foe with his Morthagi prosthetic.

Morthagi Arm (Second)


Hammer. Pummel, knocking the foe to another tile and dealing additional damage equal to the distance knocked back

Morthagi Leg (First)

  • -0.2 Speed
  • +5 Block
  • +0.2 Armor

Morthagi Leg (Second)

  • +0.3 Speed
  • +5 Dodge