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Naturalist is a Mystic ability.

In-Game Description

Advanced interfusion abilities for living matter.


Gain these advanced interfusions.


Vinewrench. Send vines out to grab a foe and drag them to the specified tile, also dealing damage. The foe must be within 3 tiles of the Plant, and then they can be dragged up to 3 tiles in any direction, ignoring scenery. (3 range, 4 wield vs defender's dodge, Pot + 2-3 dmg, –1 health to Plant)


Treecall. Instantly summon an Ally to a space next to an interfused tree. UI DiamondFilled.png single action, does not end turn.

Shade. (Passive) Enter grayplane whenever you interfuse with a tree. Actions reveal you as normal. Interfusing with a new object does not but triggering an effect does.