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There's an ancient, Elmish soul inside this hero's heart

Elmsoul is a transformation that can be gained by a hero from the Splinter event.

In-Game Description

There's an ancient, Elmish soul inside Hero's heart.


The event targets the hero with the highest loner score. They receive bright green streks in their hair and Photosynthesis. Their history will show the following:

 Thorway carries within herself the soul of an ancient elm. 

Any previously lost limbs are replaced with Tree Limbs.


Hero soaks in the light through her skin.

Hero gets a +10 recovery rate.

Tree Arm

Hero's arm is treeish.

Bash. Strike with your tree arm, knocking the foe to another tile and dealing additional damage equal to the distance knocked back. (UI DiamondRed.png single action, ends turn, 1.6 range)

Tree Leg

Hero's leg is treeish.
  • +0.9 speed (–0.8 slower than a natural human leg, –0.1 slower than a peg leg)
  • +0.6 armor