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She's looking right into your soul... Isn't she?

Shadow is a passive ability that can be received from a mysterious being inside of hero, offered in the event The Inhabitant.

In-Game Description

Something that had been sleeping inside you is now waking up.


There's something hidden in hero's body. Upon transformation, immediately gain Shadowed and a Shadow Limb. If the hero loses any future limbs to maiming, they can be replaced with Shadow Limbs.


Two souls peer from [Name]'s eyes now.

After accepting the offer eyes of hero are turning shadowy and eyebrows are becoming long and wood-ish. Also gives a hero +1 Speed

Shadow Arm

[Name]'s arm is twitches and swirls with dark energy.

Harvest. Rake a nearby foe with shadowy claws. If it dies, consume its soul to heal your own wounds.

Shadow Leg

Character with shadowy legs... Pretty strange.
[Name]'s leg is somewhat demonic.

+1.7 Speed (same as a natural human leg).