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A Sylvan hero. (Doesn't their hair look good?)

A hero can become Sylvan as a result of the event Drifters.

In-Game Description

Marked with green after sleeping in a spirit's clearing.


The hero's hair turns green, and a swirl of green marks their face.

Sylvan Tattoo

Green pulses through Hero's face and hair.
  • +5 Retirement Age
  • –5 Tenacity.

Sylvan Arm (First)

Invigoration. Touch an adjacent target to grant 2 temporary health, twice per combat

Sylvan Arm (Second)

Shredding Claw. Rake a nearby foe, shredding armor and dealing damage.

Sylvan Leg (First)

  • -0.2 Speed
  • +8 Dodge

Sylvan Leg (Second)

  • -0.2 Speed
  • +1 Health