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There are a number of dev tools that make it easier to test the game. One of the challenges in a randomly generated game is that you need to be able to access the content in order to test it, and if it is surfaced randomly, that might be hard.

  • enable dev mode by adding devMode.txt to your install folder. (This doesn't need to contain any text, the game just checks if the file exists)
    • If you're playing on Steam, you can get to your install folder by right-clicking Wildermyth in the Steam library and selecting Manage > Browse local files
    • If you're on a Mac, you'll need to right-click the app and select "Show contents", then open Contents/Resources.
  • enable cheats when you start a new game.
  • objective cheats allow you to click on any chapter objective at the upper left, and have the game automatically satisfy the objective for you. Very important if you want to skip battles, or whole chapters.
  • See All and Overland Only are powerful
  • Pick Events allows you to choose which (random?) events you get in each situation where a random event is selected. It can slow down play, but it's the best way to test particular events, e.g. when you are working on them. If you are trying for a particular event but it is not available, the details shown will help you to debug. (If you are modding a new event and it doesn't even show up in the list, check the game log file for errors reading your event file.)
  • To test hook (opportunity) quests:
    1. choose the "test hooks" checkbox under cheats when you start the game. This gives every hero a max level relationship with one other hero
    2. give every hero in your party the hook using the debug panel under aspects
    3. the hook will trigger randomly during play. It may be faster to use the objective cheat to advance to the start of chapter 2, when more terrain types are available