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As your heroes participate in certain specific events, some event outcomes will modify a hero's appearance, abilities, and/or stats. An example of a common theme, also called a transformation, is Flamesoul, where one or more of the hero's limbs can be replaced with fire limbs.

A theme can modify the appearance of (one or more of) a hero's theme slots, possibly through maiming. A hero can have more than one theme (such as Flamesoul, and a pet), as long as the themes don't conflict with each other.

Theme slots

Theme modifications can include replacing the hero's head, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, or torso. In addition, the hero can gain wings, a tail, or a pet.

Theme conflicts

A hero can have multiple themes as long as the themes do not conflict with each other.

Examples of incompatible themes would be transformations that affect the same body part/replace lost limbs. For example a hero cannot be Beartouched and Wolftouched, as the facial bear tattoo is incompatible with a wolf head. However, a hero could be Wolftouched and Spell Touched, with a wolf head and blue skin. It is also not possible for a hero to have more than one pet. (Drauven Bird is the exception to this, as it sits on a hero's shoulder).

If you recruit a legacy hero who already has a particular theme, that theme event will not occur in the campaign even if other heroes would be eligible for it. If you wish to have two party members with the same theme, wait to recruit legacy heroes until after your other hero receives the theme.

List of themes

ID Name Blurb Effect Conflicts with
bear Beartouched Hero contains the soul of an old bear +1 Health, -0.5 Speed, Bear Hug, Swipes wolf
crow Crowtouched Hero's inner crow is showing +1 Speed, +10 Dodge, Crow Peck, Crow Scratch, Scratch and Claw hawk, tinywings
deepist Mark of the Horn Hero is marked with Deepist symbols +5 Charisma, +10 Tenacity, +0.5 Warding bear, wolf, crow, skeleton
deepistMole Deepist Spy Hero spent time blending in among the Deepists --- bear, wolf, crow
drauvenWings Drauven Wings Looted off a dead Drauven and repurposed +1.4 Speed crow, hawk
fire Flamesoul Fire twists inside Hero, just barely contained +1 Warding, -0.1 Speed, Cone of Fire, Flame Strike bear, wolf, tree, gem, skeleton
foothill Child of the Hills Hero carries the hills in their very bones +1 Armor, -0.8 Speed, immune to knockback, Crush, Stonewall bear, wolf, crow, skeleton
fox Foxish Hero has a bit of a fox's flash 4 Stunt, 4 Dodge, +0.4 Speed ---
frog Frogtouched Hero has been transformed into a bit of a frog Tongue Whip ---
gem Crystalline Shine on, you crazy diamond +6 Stunt, +5 Block, -0.3 Speed, Shield, Crystal Sword bear, wolf, tree, fire, skeleton
gorgon Gorgonoid Hero is infected with a Gorgon seed Hook gouge bear, wolf, crow, frog, skeleton
gorgonStone Petrified Turned to stone by a Gorgon curse -0.7 Speed, +0.2 Armor, Stone Claw ---
green Sylvan Marked with green after sleeping in a spirit's clearing +5 Retirement age, -5 Tenacity, -5 Block, +0.8 Speed, Invigoration, Shredding Claw wolf, fire, crow, frog, shadow, skeleton
hawk Hawksoul Hero's inner hawk is showing +1.4 Speed crow, tinywings
morthagi Mortificial Enhancements Hero has replaced and augmented parts of their body with mortificial components +0.3 Speed, -3 Dodge, +0.3 Speed, Wrist Bolt, Hammer ---
petBirdDrauven Pet Drauven-Bird Hero healed the bird's injury and apparently earned some loyalty +5 Melee accuracy, +5 Range accuracy ---
petCritter Pet Critter Hero had made friends with a critter +15 Melee Accuracy ---
petDuck Pet Duck This duck has decided that you are the love of its life, and nothing will convince it otherwise +7 Dodge, +7 Block ---
petFireChicken Pet Fire Chicken Hero has taken on a pet Fire Chicken Fire Chicken ---
petPineCone Pet Pinecone Hero has taken on a pet pinecone-spirit-creature-thing Forestkind ---
petRabbit Pet Rabbit Hero is now bonded to a glowing rabbit +1 Physical Damage bonus ---
petRat Pet Rat Hero has taken on a pet Rat +5 Dodge ---
rat Ratlike Hero has a certain ratlike spirit about them --- bear
scorpion Scorpioid Hero has a wicked, segmented aspect Tail Stab ---
shadow Shadow Something that had been sleeping inside you is now waking up +1 Speed, Harvest, Dread Harvest bear, wolf, tree, fire, skeleton
skeleton Skeletal Hero is cursed by the dagger of the Oldwane mystics +0.3 Speed, +4 Spell Damage, +2 Warding, Inscrutable Stare, Bitter Scratch, Dagger Strike ---
skunk Skunkish Hero has a foreboding odor Tail Spray ---
spellTouched Spell Touched Hero touched a raw primal node, and has been marked -0.5 Physical Damage, +2 Potency, +5 Recovery rate, +10 retirement age skeleton
star Celestial An ethereal sparkle emanates from Hero Blinding Attacks, Shooting Star, Falling Stars, +0.2 Speed, -0.4 Armor, Celestial Path bear, wolf, tree, gem, skeleton
tinyWings Teeny Wings Frankly, these are useless --- crow, hawk
tree Elmsoul There's an ancient, Elmish soul inside Hero's heart +10 Recovery rate, +0.6 Armor, -0.8 Speed, Bash bear, wolf, crow, fire, skeleton
vine Botanical Hero's blood runs a little green +10 Recovery rate, +5 Dodge, -0.3 Speed, Thorn Lash, Entangle bear, wolf, tree, fire, skeleton
wolf Wolftouched Hero accepted the blessing of the Wolf God -4 Block, +0.5 Speed, Wolf Bite, Wolf Claw, Frenzy bear, skeleton