True Gorgon

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A type of Gorgon. Also called a gorgon-gorgon. The truegorgons, seeped from their lairs, not in bunches, not in hordes. They moved discreetly, seeding other beings with their poisons, claiming the wills and bodies of the weak, and turning them strong.


In-game description

Shimmering fluidly, its silent slithering approach fascinates the mind as it haunts it heart. 


Name Type Effect
Pinning Toxin Ranged attack Magic damage. As a swift action, attacks and pins the victim in place
Slash Melee attack
Vessel of Corruption Passive Spreads corruption when killed
Pin attack Melee attack Pins the victim


'I screamed for fear, I cursed, I cried. And then I was a stone. That shut me up.' - Possumfox