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A transformed Hero showing his blessings of the Wolf God.

Wolftouched is a transformation granted by Lochias, the Wolf God, in the event The Wolf Price.

In-Game Description

Hero accepted the blessing of the Wolf God.


A Wolftouched hero immediately receives a Wolf Head, and any previously maimed limbs are replaced by Wolf limbs. Future lost limbs will also be replaced by Wolf limbs.

Wolf Head

A hero with Wolf Head. Such a good boy!
Blessing of Lochias, allows Hero to smell the Wind and taste Prey.

Wolf Bite. Hero bites a nearby foe with her wolf jaws. (2–7 damage, UI DiamondEmpty.png swift action, 1 range)

Wolf Arm

Hero's arm is wolfish.

Wolf Claw. Hero rakes a nearby foe with her monstrous claws. (5-8 damage (at lvl 2), UI DiamondRed.png single action, ends turn)

Wolf Leg

Hero's leg is wolfish.

+2.2 speed (+0.5 faster than a natural human leg).

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