Gorgon Corrupted Land

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A few Gorgon Corrupted Tiles
A few corrupted tiles left behind by a Calamity-buffed Roe

Gorgon Corrupted Land, or just corruption, is a permanent tile modifier left by Gorgons' movements during missions.

Corrupted tiles slow down Heroes that pass through them. If a Hero or non-Gorgon creature is on a corrupted title at the end of the turn, they'll take raw damage – ignoring their armor. This happens even if the non-Gorgon creature has flying, such as the Thrixl Seeker. If a Gorgon ends their turn on a corrupted tile, they'll gain temporary health.

Initially, only a few Gorgons can spread corruption. Calamity cards will allow other Gorgons to spread corruption throughout a campaign.

In-Game Description

Corruption: Slows movement. At end of turn, Gorgons on corrupted tiles gain Temp Health, non-Gorgons take damage.


  • Heroes and non-Gorgon enemies take 1 damage at the end of a turn, completely ignoring armor
  • It costs 0.5 extra move to step out of a corrupted tile
  • Gorgons gain 1 temporary health each time they end a turn in a corrupted tile. This is indicated by a "Nourished" text appearing