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Mythweaver is a Mystic ability.

In-Game Description

Advanced interfusions
Statues/Ruins: (Passive) +1 Potency per interfused
Garb: (Passive) 50% chance to reflect damage while interfused
Books: (Active) Lore Dump
Textiles: (Upgrade) Greater Constrict


 Loredump: +2 damage, +3 range
Greater Constrict: +1 damage, +1 hobble
Lightning Learning: (Book/Statue, Active) As a swift action, destroy a book or statue to grant ally or self +3 Potency that decays over 3 turns


Gain these advanced interfusions.


Loredump. Overload an enemy's brain with knowledge, dealing damage and stunning them for 2 turns.


Mythmeld. (passive) Mystic gains 1 Potency per interfused statue.

Lightning Learning. (upgrade, active, UI DiamondFeather.png swift action) Destroy a book or statue, granting yourself or an ally +3 Potency that decays over 3 turns.


(passive) 50% chance mystic reflects damage while interfused.


Greater Constrict. A powerful snake of animated fabric coils round an enemy, applying 2 Hobble and crushing out its life. (UI DiamondFilled.png single action, does not end turn, 1 + potency + spell damage magic damage, 6.6 range, hobble 2 turns, –1 health to interfused object)

This is an upgrade to basic Constrict that does +1 damage and does not end your turn.


  • Typically not a strong ability due to the absence of its required scenery from many battle maps.