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Hobbled Enemy

Hobbled is a status effect that reduces speed of the target for each stack of hobbled.

Speed temporarily reduced


  • Hobbled can be stacked, increasing the duration
  • Each stack of Hobbled adds another -2 speed until 1 speed is reached

Hero abilities

Name Description
Constrict (Textil Interfusion) A serpent of animated fabric wraps round an enemy, hobbling it and squeezing away its life.
Splinterblast Elementalist (Mystic Ability) +1 damage and apply 1 hobble.
Backslam (Warrior Ability)) Knock the target into another enemy to displace it, deal half damage (1/2 of Hero's Armor), and Hobble both enemies.
Crippling Strikes (Hunter Ability) Hero's attacks apply 2 Hobbled to the enemy.
Ice Shield (Off-Hand) Freezes on block. Attacker takes 1 true damage and is hobbled.


Name Description
Gang Up (Horn Child Deepist) Flanking attacks hobble.
Unstoppable (Special Enemies) Cannot be pinned or hobbled.