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A “critical hit” that deals extra damage and can produce different effects.


The extra damage is based on weapon tier. Transformed limbs are treated as tier 3 weapons for this formula.

In addition to extra damage, elemental and some artifact weapons (such as Halehammer) will produce further effects. (See Elemental Stunts below.)

Stunt damage and effects for interfusion attacks are calculated based on the equipped weapon.

If an attack will hit multiple targets simultaneously (e.g. Through Shot or Splinterblast), the attacker's chance to stunt on each target is calculated by the following formula: finalStuntChance = stuntChance * (2 / (numTargets + 1))

Only humans (including NPCs) can stunt.

Elemental Stunts


Sends up to 3 fireballs at nearby enemies, which can start blazes. Each fireball deals 1 + weaponTier magic damage, 1 pierce.


Grants 2 temporary health to the attacker.


Shreds 1 armor and pins all enemies within a 2-tile radius.


Gives +1 action point, at most once per turn.