Through Shot

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Through Shot is an active Hunter ability that upgrades and replaces the default Shoot action.

Through Shot targeting multiple enemies

In-Game Description

(Active) Hero fires a cleverly placed arrow that will pass through the first target and hit the next target in a line, within attack range.


Throughshot can hit any number of enemies in a line, dealing 1 less damage to each consecutive enemy


Through Shot functions like the standard Shoot action, except it also affects an additional enemy in a line between the Hunter and the Through Shot target. Only one additional enemy (the one closest to the Hunter) can be damaged in this way, even if there are multiple enemies in between the Hunter and the Through Shot target. The probability of damaging either enemy affected by Through Shot is independent, and each enemy uses its own defense statistics when evaluating whether it is hit by Through Shot.


Through Shot rewards careful Hunter positioning and can effectively double the Hunter's damage output when used well.