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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Data actionPoints/doc

This template is used by the game data process to help automatically keep pages up-to-date.

Warning: Manually editing this template data may cause your changes to be overwritten or lost if the template is automatically updated. If specific game data is missing from this template, please ask about it on the Discord #wiki channel (to arrange for its data to automatically be added to these templates).


This template returns the action points (cost) for a specific theme ability. A future update will add hero abilities.

The template uses the following parameter:

The name associated with the specific action points.


Theme ability actionPoints

{{Data actionPoints|Sting}}

UI DiamondFilled.png single action

Hero ability actionPoints (to be added)

{{Data description|Guardian}}

(No action points are returned, as this hero ability data has not been added yet to the template.)

Technical details

actionPoints ("cost") data comes from Wildermyth's.json files. For example, assets/data/effects/attack/scorpionTailStab.json includes the following line:

"cost": { "class": "ActionPoints" }

Since no "actionPoints" property exists, the cost defaults to "single action."

If an "actionPoints" property exists (e.g., "cost": { "class": "ActionPoints", "actionPoints": "all" }), its values probably correspond to:

value Probably corresponds to Example abilities/effects
all Single action, ends turn Silkstep, Guardian
any ? Not used by any hero active abilities. (warrior/applySentinelAutomatically.json at end of turn.)
attack Single action, ends turn bearArmSwipe, bearHug, VineArmThornLash
free Swift action (free once per turn) greenArm_invigoration storm/thunderStompAttack
two ? Only used by monsters: morthagiChargeThrow, morthagiSpawnWatchman, thrixlSpawnSeeker, thrixlSpawnThrusk