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This template displays a tooltip for an ability. It functions best when it queries game data templates for current details about an ability. This allows wiki pages to automatically stay up-to-date as abilities are changed or added in the future.

The tooltip uses the following parameters:

Action point (cost) for the ability. Please use {{Data actionPoints}} to obtain action point information for this ability.
Name of the ability
Description of the ability. Please use {{Data description}} to obtain the description for this ability.
Numeric damage of the ability. Please use {{Data damageType}} to obtain the damage (type) for this ability.
(Human-readable) formula for the damage calculation. Please use {{Data formula}} to obtain the (human-readable) formula for this ability.

If any retrieved game data information appears to be incorrect or missing, please mention it on the Discord #wiki channel, so the necessary scripts can be updated or added to fetch the proper information.


Note that even though this (constant damage) passive ability doesn't have any action points or formula to presently display, you should still call {{Data actionPoints}} and {{Data formula}}. The reason is to automatically show new game data, should this ability change in the future.

{{Tooltip ability
| action = {{Data actionPoints|Static Shock}}
| ability = Static Shock
| description = {{Data description|Static Shock}}
| damage = {{Data damageType|Static Shock}}
| formula = {{Data formula|Static Shock}}

Static Shock

2 true damage

Incoming melee damage has a 30% chance to deal 2 true damage to the attacker.

A bad example

Entering information by hand (and omitting other required parameters) means that the wiki can't automatically display any new or changed details, if the developers updated this ability in the future.

{{Tooltip ability
| ability = Static Shock
| description = Incoming melee damage has a 30% chance to deal 2 true damage to the attacker.
| damage = 2 true damage

Test cases

Missing ability parameter

{{Tooltip ability
| ability = 
| ...

(Need a value for the ability parameter)

(Need a value for the description parameter)

An ability name must be supplied. This should be the name of the ability's (sub)page. E.g., Swipes for [[Beartouched/Swipes]], or Flashcone for [[Flashcone]].

Missing description parameter

{{Tooltip ability
| ability = NoSuchAbility
| description = {{Data description|NoSuchAbility}}
| ...


(Need a value for the description parameter)

An description must be supplied, since all game data will at least have a name and a description. If no description is returned, either the wrong value is being used, or that data has not been extracted from the game yet and added to the wiki. Please ask on the Discord #wiki channel if you're stuck.

No damage

{{Tooltip ability
| action = {{Data actionPoints|Invigoration}}
| ability = Invigoration
| description = {{Data description|Invigoration}}
| damage = {{Data damageType|Invigoration}}
| formula = {{Data formula|Invigoration}}
UI DiamondFeather.png swift action (free once per turn)


Twice per combat, <name> touches an adjacent target to grant x Temp Health.

Health: 2 + 1/2(Bonus Damage + Potency)

If an ability does no damage, the damage paragraph will be omitted from the tooltip.

No damage or formula

{{Tooltip ability
| action = {{Data actionPoints|Tongue Whip}}
| ability = Tongue Whip
| description = {{Data description|Tongue Whip}}
| damage = {{Data damageType|Tongue Whip}}
| formula = {{Data formula|Tongue Whip}}
UI DiamondFeather.png swift action (free once per turn)

Tongue Whip

Every other turn, <name> pulls the target to themself with their tongue.

If an ability has no damage or formula, the damage and formula paragraphs will be omitted from the tooltip.

All data

{{Tooltip ability
| action = {{Data actionPoints|Shooting Star+}}
| ability = Shooting Star
| description = {{Data description|Shooting Star+}}
| damage = {{Data damageType|Shooting Star+}}
| formula = {{Data formula|Shooting Star+}}
UI DiamondFilled.png single action

Shooting Star

x magic damage, range 4 (Ranged)

<self> shoots a burst of star-energy at a nearby foe with their celestial arm.

Damage: (2 to 6) + (Bonus Damage + Potency)