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The Drauven Terrorbird

A type of Drauven. A kind of emblem to the Drauven, the terrorbirds are tended and taken care of, and their cruelty in battle makes Drauven settlements in particular dangerous places to attack.


In-game description:

A shrill voice like metal shredding, thumping feet moving at awful speed.

Base values

  Storyteller Adventurer Tragic Hero Walking Lunch
Health 10
Speed 6
Armor 0
Warding 2
Melee Accuracy 110
Range Accuracy 100
Dodge 25
Block 60
Size 4 Tiles


Name Type Damage Range Effect
Search Scout 2 Every hero in a 2 tile radius will lose their hidden effect.
Attack Door Attack Scenery Attacks the door, dealing 2 damage to it.
Guerilla Passive Flanking attack shred.
Talons Melee Physical Attack
Shriek 7 Deafens all enemies in a large cone, blocked by scenery in its path. (-2 Bonus Damage and Potency)
Mascot Drauvens within sight get +1 damage at the tart of each turn, -1 damage if Terrorbird is killed.


'There's something ancient in their eyes. It's as if we're gazing into the bottomless hunger of the world's first meat-eaters.' - Alara Fossilbeck