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Collecting myths and creatures from ingame events.

Ice Myths

A lot of different events reference ice gods, dragons or kings.

Knighted Times
In the weapon description found on the Halehammer contains the motto To fall on the foe like the ice-god's hale. Dating it back to the knighted times, when people build cities and raised armies. The knighted times is possibly the Yondering's version of the medieval era. Though the motto itself doesn't seem to apply to the Yondering as it doesn't have a cold climate to speak of. It is possible that during the knighted times there were either strong hails or an ice god was active during this era. There is a possible reference to the knighted times in The Sunswallower's Wake campaign, where we know that both beasts and humans sought warmth to survive the unbearable cold and that the vulture lord is depicted as a tyrant.


Ice Goddess From The Stars
In the weapon description found on the Wintershard, there is a mention of an ice goddess that came from the stars. There isn't any information on this ice goddess itself. It is possible that the ice goddess indeed came from the stars, making her either a plane traveler or an celestial.


Apsis and the Coldforge
In the weapon description found on the Frostfang, we find out that someone crafted ice themed weapons in an undisclosed location. Apsis themselves is told to have died, either making Apsis a mortal or dying to unnatural means. There is a possible connection to Winterlock found in the Out of the Rain event, as we find a shield purely made of ice that doesn't melt. There exists another weapon made of ice that doesn't melt, the Icebreaker. This time it is whispered that it might've been forged from a comet. If it is true that a comet has come down from the stars, made of ice that never melts, then it could also explain how the Coldforge mentioned in the Frostfang was able to make these weapons in the first place. The only other place where a comet is mentioned is in The Library of Light event. This library has four versions of a story on how it was created, either through sacrificing a loved one, tricking a goddess by bounding her in a wineflask and casting her upon the eternal sea, enlisting the help of both dreamweavers and morthificers until they both destroyed each other or lastly by plunging countless mystics into a vulcano and having them fly into the sky, forming a comet.


Icecrowned Kings
In All the Sweltering Stars event, the hero has the option to tell the story of a starman that has met shadowy queens and icecrowned kings across ten thousand planets. The starman mentioned is undoubtedly a celestial, creating the possibility that the shadowy queens are Shadow transformed people. Though icecrowned kings don't have a direct reference to any other myth or story found in the Yondering. Assuming that icecrowned kings did exist then that also means that an ice themed kingdom exists or something similar in the past.
png edited all the sweltering stars

Gorgon Spear
From the last weapon that is possibly an ice myth is the Petriglass Seaspear found enshrined in an altar. The weapon itself is made of glass that has been wielded by a hero-queen. There is a high chance that this hero-queen ruled over the Gorgon empire mentioned in A Mending Path before it sank below the sea, as there are no other gorgon themed kingdoms. The reason why it is possibly an ice myth is the last sentence. When swung, it seems to whisper and lowly roar, like a distant ocean, or a crowd of frozen souls., it is questionable if a crowd of frozen souls has relevance to gorgons. Either it loosely means the petrified victims of the gorgons or this hero-queen lived in a place where people could freeze to death.
png of seaspear

png of winterfurstaff

Ice Dragon
png of all the bones of summer campaign about ice dragon

Warlock of the Mountain

In the event Mountain Mischief, the heroes come across a shack on top of a mountain where they get attacked by enemies and one mystic. After defeating them the Witch acts nonchalant about attacking the heroes and offers them three different types of meals, each granting different status bonuses. The fact that the meals grant status bonuses is quite odd, meaning the Warlock enchanted these meals. The artifact weapon Winterfur Staff describes sages that go to the mountains either die or become feral. According to the description no sane mystic should willingly live on a mountain, but the Warlock describes the place is rich with nature spirit and seems comfortable with it.

Old Folk Heroes

The first proof we have of old heroes is on the Dragonpaw Shield. On the event when finding the shield is on the ground on some ruins with a skeleton hidden behind some debris. What's interesting is the skeleton itself is covered in thrixl webs which implies the warrior died to thrixl or traveled to a different world. On an image woven into some cloth are three figures, one of them can be seen wielding the Dragonpaw Shield and on either side are one hunter and one mystic. From this we can decipher that before our legacy heroes existed, three heroes including the Dragonpaw hero made themselves known. On a similar piece of furniture is an image of a dragon with feathers and a beak. This dragon looks similar to Dravonne and the Dragon Spirit found in the Dreams of Icarus. One possible explanation is the three heroes either slayed the dragon, allied with the dragon or one of the heroes turned into the dragon.


Yandric is the language of humans in the Yondering.

  • Images of human books and gravestone with odd symbols*

Druvwail is the drauven language. It might resemble screeching but is mostly consistent in the meaning over the course of multiple events, with the most common one being Gwec. Veld is the drauven afterlife, Veldvaren are the spirits of the afterlife.

  • images of drauven talking and the possible interpretation of each image*

Thrixl can be seen letting out noises which might be a form of communication. Though there are no instances which refer to it as a language.

Morthagi don't speak a language. Mortificer have been the ones to speak as Morthagi's but never a pure Morthagi.

Gorgons have been seen talking.

Lord Evergreen

A giant wood spirit behemoth found in Silver and shadows and in The Lord of Austerity. Speaks of a story in which a giant flame destroyed the surface and how a single young Sequoia survived. The same young Sequoia can be found in the company of crows.


Stories of Fire shows a big flame encased in a shrine. In the event Flickering, if a flametouched hero talks to a campfire they can summon a fire spirit in the form of a squirrel that tells us that the enshrined flame is a storyfire, a kin of the squirrel. The storyfire itself shows tells us stories of flamekeepers creating stories using fire and references Cvawn found in the All the Bones of Summer campaign and the destruction of the wildlife told in the Answer to Austerity event.


In the now removed Mystic Research event, the text speaks of the Mystic tending to the flames which is a possible reference to the flamekeepers.


Lostling themselves are still a mystery. In the event The Merchant they're told to have forced the merchant to collect strange coins and are shown to appear black with a shapeless form. In the Mysterious Opportunity event one can be found guarding the Pool of Reckoning for repaying the hero. In the backstory told by the Lostling it tells how the Hero freed them when they were young and in that backstory the Lostling can be seen a black shapeless mist. In the event bidding the ghost goodbye that very same black mist can be found when dispelling the inhabited spirit, giving the possibility that the spirit was a Lostling. Another black mist can be found in the Sunaltar keystone event with Shapeless black monsters appear out of a shrine, it is unclear if those Suneaters are Lostling or not. In the now removed As the Crow Falls event, after defeating the Crow Woman in the background a black shapeless form can be found as she dies. Though the chances of this being related to the Lostling is quite low.


Only thing known about them is they were convicted sorcerers that hold great anger and anguish since their passing. What's of great interest is the connection to bones. The dagger made by the last mystic transforms the hero into a skeleton. In the Storied Bones event another convicted sorcerer is found that made weapons out of the bones of their brood. There isn't concrete proof that the convicted sorcerer in storied bones and the convicted sorcerer lineage in To Humble Ends share the same blood so the connection is pure speculation.

In the discord the dev describes them as a merchant family. The only other event that mentions a merchant family is in The Unstilled Heart. A castle in the marsh that belonged to a merchant family but got abandoned.

The strange occurrence at the end of To Humble Ends involves the last Oldwane transforming into an Ox. It isn't obvious that the spirit is an Oldwane but if someone takes a look at the event ingame for both choices, both the Oldwane spirit that appears when destroying the dagger and the spirit that attacks the heroes for keeping the dagger use the same model.

It is farfetched to connect the oldwane to the deepists but the connection exists.

Elden Mystic

In the Proud opportunity event The Prisoner, Vulta can be seen talking about the Elden Mystics and the gods of the deep and glade. Those beings created the Dwemerald, the malisheer, the meldstone and the moonweelin. Vulta mentions of an age when the world was less still. It is very vague, one possible theory is that the world wasn't set in stone, open to be influenced by anyone like in the Thrixl world. The Dwemerald in question is shown to look very similar to the Spellshard. In the event it is found out the Spellshard sealed in the immortal soul of Vulta which means they hold considerable power. The Spellshard itself grants +1 potency which powers a lot of abilities, the Weird opportunity event The Scattered Self which plays out inside the hero's soul one of the rewards is also a buff in potency, giving the Spellshard a possible relation to souls.

Deepist Bull-God


In the event Deep into the Underworld, after participating in the event the hero is warped into a large cave with drawings on the wall indicating a large humanoid with horns offering two things to a group of people. In that event the hero meets a large ox that could possibly be the god the deepists worship. The only place where the bull-god is physically mentioned is on the wiki written by Tim.

Though in another event Music of the Deep we see a Deepist worshiping Daylig Dayn, a stone statue. The same model of the Stone statue can be found in the Heart of Stones. It is possible the deepists worship both the Stone Statue and the large Ox.


Lochias the wolf god


Rests on a mountain, granting willing participants his gift. Used to be known as a master hunter but is presently better known as an attention needy spirit. Found in The Wolf Price event.


Daylig Dayn, the Stoneshearing God


Worshipped by deepists to create more horn children. Shares the same model as the statue found in The Stone Heart. Can be found in music of the deep.


Stone Statue in The Stone Heart. Speaks of a spirit when the first rock divided as it's source of creation, which is also referenced in the Ulstryx campaign. It also mentions 'Where there is shape, a blade has been.' which could possibly refer to an artifact weapon, possibly the Seaspear.


In The Music of the Deep the stone statue has two blue eyes but in the stone heart it has one red and one blue eye. Both have a shiny, blue, hexagon emerald placed in its lower socket which is similar to the Gorgon heirloom found in the Ulstryx campaign.

Mo-Atona, the Godbeast


Mo-Atona, the Godbeast who makes balance by being. Is referenced as a weather god in the files. In the event the godbeast can be seen sitting atop the star pond which is frequently used for celestial related events. Except the star pond and the bluish design of its wings there is no further correlation to the celestials


Oruwei, the mourning god of borders


Found in the nostalgic opportunity event For an Old Wish Passing. Has control over its own world which is guarded by a Retainer that looks like a Foothill Guardian but purple. It is possible that Oruwei represents the Hall of Heroes, the place where all legacy heroes end up.


On the pauldron, Oruwei is described as the twilight god. (Image of pauldron placeholder
Dale, god of journey
A woman and man, thing and idea. All is in Dale and Dale is in all. Thus, wandering amongst all is joy. Keeping a journal of your journeys is worship. All paths lead us where we must be. The whim and the will are no different. All i do is love. Love where my feet carry me. The only mention of Dale can be found in the shame opportunity event A Mending Path. Using the information we're given it is possible Dale is the representation of legacy heroes going to new adventurers and traveling into new worlds.


Ice Goddess
The Wintershard artifact describes an Ice Goddess descending from the stars and sharing the first Windershard unto Womankind. There is a possible correlation to the Ice kingdom told in All the Sweltering Stars and the Ice Witch found in Out of the Rain


Damoot, thnarric god of rivers


In the Out of the Rain event, in one of the choices the heroes encounter thnarric writing on the wall as well as a large statue.


In the event it also mentions several keywords only found in this event. Gwanad is the first word found in the book. Once spoken it caused the place to collapse on itself. One of the hero also mention the ancient Thnarrland meaning the Thnarric folk owned a kingdom in the past.


In the Thrixl campaign they're told to have fought the Thrixl themselves, but they're only theorized to have gone missing due to the Thrixl. In the event showing the Kyoren, one can be seen with the shadow transformation which means there is a correlation between Kyoren and inhabited spirits. In the campaign it is told that they hold stories as great importance which influences the way they write down history. The most physical proof of Kyoren existing is the Kyoren tower which was used to confine an ancient Thrixl and afterwards two powerful Thrixl mystics. The other event where Kyoren are mentioned is in the library of light alongside Thnarr as a form of a book. In the Stormtouched event, it is told the stormwell was made by a Kyoren and in the backstory a sparkling spirit is shown which implies that the Kyoren infused its soul with the Stormwell.

Ancient Kingdom of Old Kyor
The Artifact weapon Moonspear mentions an ancient kingdom. Kyor itself could refer to the Kyoren mentioned in the Thrixl campaign. The weapon name implies the Kyor themselves are either related to the moon or lived on the moon.



Creators of the Morthagi. Two of them can be seen in the Enduring War campaign discussing about eternal life. Mortificer are seen as a civilization that either went extinct or gone missing for unknown reasons. They're speculated to have created Morthagi for very tame purposes like carrying, smelting or cleaning. The Kirdocks tower shows the home of a Mortificer with a diary, explaining how he used them for household purposes. Nowadays Morthagi are war machines since the Mortificer went missing, some can be found planting trees en masse while others coexist with villagers or mercenaries. The most unique Mortificer that still exists is Troygan, Troygan Clume the Master Maker. He appears as a Morthagi Wardrobe with a lot of machinations around it and one big eyeball on top, he calls himself the keeper of this Mortificery. If Morthagi refer to machines, Mortificer as the people that made the Morthagi then the Morthificer might refer to Mortificer that turned themselves into Morthagi.


The most obvious proof of the Thnarr is in Out of the Rain. Inside the cave, down some stairs is a statue of the thnarric god of rivers Damoot, a book can be found here called the Thnarrs Accordica. The book itself allows non-mystics to interfuse which means the Thnarr themselves figured out the secrets of interfusions.


The Thnarr book can also be found in other events like the celestial and the thrixl book, in the game files there are multiple common books alongside these artifacts so there is either a connection between these events or these books are randomly used for different scenes.

The thnarr language is unknown but the artifact weapon Fatetracer describes them as poets, while the artifact off-hand Thnarrs Accordica mentiones looping words which helps the reader make connections between the self, the things and the spirits.


Lastly in the Out of the Rain cave, at the entrance of this room a writing can be found, in one of the random dialogues the hero identifies the writing as thnarric and also figures out its religious. One of the heroes identifying the writing as thnarric means that information about them is somehow widespread enough that even a common farmer can learn about them.


There exists no proof that the Thnarr were a civilization but in one of the random text's the heroes can give at the end of the Thnarr cave mentions the ancient Thnarrland. This means the Thnarr owned land and that they're old enough to be called ancient. Within the same scene they mention the word 'Gwanad' which is possibly a word of power the Thnarric used to interfuse.


In the shame opportunity event A Mending Path, one of the hero catches the Igochorr sickness which is in the Thnarr language. This means the Thnarr either caught or found this sickness that lowered their health. If it wasn't a sickness they suffered then it wouldn't be written in their language. At the end of this event the hero receives a message that the gorgons used to rule a kingdom and that they had been betrayed by someone, resulting in them sinking. With the context that this message comes from the same event that mentions the Thnarr's and that the cure for the sickness is a gorgon artifact could possibly mean that the Thnarr's were the one that betrayed the gorgons by stealing the gorgon artifact, causing them to sink below the sea.



What is generally ignored is the spirit found at the entrance with its blue glowing eyes. No one notices it and there isn't any information related to this spirit. A possible theory is that the spirit is one of the thnarr, possibly Damoot themselves. One other theory is that the spirit is a lostling as most lostings have black shapeless forms as its bodies. One farfetched theory is that the eyes are gorgon related, the reason being that events related to gorgons use glowing blue eyes.




The Celestials refer to the spirits that appear repeatedly in celestial related events. In All the Sweltering Stars event, the hero tells of a story about a starman that has been traveling to different worlds. If the story has been successfully told then a sparkling spirit will be seen bowing to the heroes and rewarding them with the Starheart belt. The implication that the starman traveled through different worlds either means that they traveled to different planets or it means they traveled through dimensions like the dreamloom and the Sojourner imply.



In the Star Dance event, multiple dancing spirits can be found. No myths around them exist but one of the consequences for failing the event, ages the hero by 10 years. As a reward for joining the dance successfully grants the heroes the Book of Stars which is necessary to receive the Celestial theme.


This book can be seen being carried by a mystic in the The Heirloom Spring. There are no other implications that the book of stars and the book seen in the heirloom spring are the same besides the same model used.


At the Glimmering Pool event, one sparkling spirit can be seen when refusing the Celestial transformation, dancing on top of the star pond. This one is unique with its eyes having two big sparkles which the other sparkling spirits don't possess.


In The Starseed Tree event one sparkling spirit can be seen right behind the celestial tree. The myth around the tree was that none may climb the tree, which the heroes can ignore and climb it just fine. The various branches from the tree function the same as wands and staffs, with the Starseed Staff granting the user the Starseed ability which is near identical to the Falling Stars ability from the Celestial theme.


In the event The Shape Of Things To Come one can be clearly seen alongside the floating spirits when slaying the Ghost Bear. It is to believe that the floating spirits and the sparkling spirit are separate beings that shared the same space inside the bear.


That same bear can be found in the All the Sweltering Stars event. Within the story told by the hero, the Starman is said to have ridden a dustbear which can be a reference to the Ghost Bear.


In the Distant Thunder event, in the backstory about the Stormwell one can be clearly seen hiding behind the Stormwell. The stormwell itself is said to be created by the Kyoren which suggests a strong connection between the two.


Dragon spirits

Dragon spirits are the ephereal figures of floating dragons that can be seldom found in some events. In the Dreams of Icarus event a shrine can be found with the purpose to transform someone into a dragon. The wings the heroes receive are the Hawksoul wings, which could possibly explain how the Dravonne came to be. If the event fails a yellowish spirit can be seen floating towards the sky which is possibly the only reference to the drauven hero that turned into a dragon. In the event All the Sweltering Stars a similar dragon spirit can be seen but instead its blue, the event calls it the Astral Dragon Lothrankir which the Starman has charmed. In the campaign All the Bones of Summer, the Summerking can be seen talking about five dragons and one of them leaving for the stars, a possible reference to the Astral Dragon. In the event Bidding the Ghost Goodbye the image of a pink dragon spirit can be faintly found when dispelling the inhabited spirit, in this form it is hidden by a shapeless black mist and a purple fog. A loosely related image of a dragon spirit can be seen stitched on the Thrixl banner, this one is possibly a reference to the game calling thrixl 'dragon insects'. Lastly on a now removed death events, a blackened dragon spirit can be seen on a death event for a hero with the Shadow theme.

Vracsel the drauven hero

In the Royal Arms keystone event, one can come across a set of an unique shield and staff. Given that they both hold the same name implies that one hero named Vracsel used both a shield and a staff, making the Drauven hero a mystic with a shield. Drauven stories imply that the Drauven hero became a dragon, adding the possibility that Vracsel turned into a dragon at some point in the past.


Inhabited spirit

The Inhabited spirit in this case refers to spirits that take over beings as well as haunting them. In the shame event Whispered Secrets it shows a spirit luring in a hero with a glint in the shade of a treehole. Oddly that glint and placement of two glints is identical to the eyes of the celestial sparkling spirit found in the celestial glittering pool event. Another instance of this Inhabited spirit can be found in Bidding the Ghost Goodbye where the hero dispels the inhabited spirit using the Grimblade which belonged to a ghost hunter. Oddly enough this dispelled spirit uses three models, the dragon spirit found in dreams of icarus, the black mist found in the pool of reckoning and a difficult to identify purple fog. Other two instances where its obviously an inhabited spirit is in Witchstone and when in hero creation one hook shows up as Inhabited. In this case the hero history will explain how they've met a spirit when they were a child.

Inhabited Spirit Eyes: In the tiding event when making a lumberyard involves a spirit inhabiting the place. Oddly enough the spirit shows itself in two glowing red eyes. That spirit was send into a carved piece of hickory trunk which can be seen in other tiding events. In the event To Humble Ends related to the Oldwanes we find a furnace with a black skull on it. That skulls shows the same glowing red eyes and if the Oldwane Dagger is destroyed then the red eyes disappear and the last Oldwane Spirit appears in its place. This same spirit model of the Oldwane can be found when killing the celestial bear in The Shape of things To Come. In the event troubled sleep involves one of the hero guarding a tent and a black person with a hood and red glowing eyes appears attacking the hero. The chances of this person being a inhabited spirit is quite low as its inside a dream but whats interesting is the model used. In the event Storied Bones and Dreams of Bones shows this same model used for a Convicted Sorcerer. In the Tiding event Close Encounter we meet one of five enemy forces. What's interesting here is that each enemy shows different glowing eyes appearing in a hole in a trunk, which resembles the inhabited spirit in Whispered Secrets. Another unique set of glowing eyes can be found in the Slacker opportunity event Dodging Destiny. A Rootbear appears attacking the heroes and in the event it shows glowing purple eyes.

Gorgon Empire

In the shame opportunity quest the hero gets sick with Igochorra, an odd sickness that reduces the heroes health. It's mentioned to be a Thnarric word giving the sickness and artifact a strong connection to the Thnarr. In the tiding event the hero is shown suffering from the effects. The person the heroes meet is a wanderer and the follower of a god named Dale. It doesn't exactly specify what Dale is and mostly mystifies this Dale as a thing and an idea which focuses on journeys and all paths leading to where we must be. The cure for this sickness is an artifact found in a cave guarded by two Gorgoneaters. For this follower of Dale the artifact can also be used to cure their sibling from petrification, though not even the sibling knows why they were petrified in the first place. Post event the hero who touched the gorgon artifact speaks of a gorgon empire that handed out a gift and being betrayed by treachery, leading to the gorgon empire sinking below the sea.

Gorgon ancient hero-queen
The Artifact weapon Petriglass Seaspear mentions a hero in the past. Making the wielder a warrior. It also mentions frozen souls, giving it a possible relation to the Ice kingdom or the ice goddess.


Thrixl world

Convicted sorcerer

Both in the Storied Bones and Dreams and Bones, a hooded figure can be seen. In these events he can be seen handing out a bone weapon and creating them out of his executed brood. The hooded figure itself is an convicted sorcerer according to the Armored Storm but it is never told what crime he has commited. In the Troubled Sleep event, inside the dream of the hero a black model with glowing red eyes can be seen attacking their companion. This black model shares the same shape as the convicted sorcerer. Though there isn't any connection shown between the two besides the same model used.

Animal Guardians

In Turtles All the Way Down, the hero gets to talk with a talking turtle. He introduces himself as a guardian and invites the hero to become a guardian once they die. In the tiding events afterwards there are multiple images of possible transformations the hero can take. Most of these are animals while some show a tree and a cliff. This implies that other animals or objects can be guardians in disguise. The only real proof that another animal could be a guardian is the dotted pig in the tiding event for creating the lumbermill(Placeholder need to get image).

Nature spirits

Four spirits in total, placeholder.

Woman cloaked in ivy


Found in a tiding event offering the heroes a choice of three destinies. It's rather odd that she has the power to give someone the choice to alter their future. There might be a possible relationship to the Crow Witch as the Crow Witch has the power to read the future.



Sequoia: In the story told by Lord Evergreen, a giant behemoth of a forest spirit, tells of a giant flame that burned down the lands except for one young Sequoia spirit. Sequoia being the name of a tree. The Sequoia can be found in the Lord Evergreen story and in the Crow Witch event in the background. It is possible both Sequoia and the woman cloaked in ivy can be the same person. (Image of evergreen backstory) (Image of crow witch introduction with sequoia in the background)

World inside the hero's soul

In the Weird opportunity quest The Scattered Self, the hero suddenly enter a different world inside the hero's body. While the companion acts exasperated, the hero acts knowledgeable the whole time. It dubs the place as the world inside their soul and theorizes that the body and the soul do not need to be in the same place.

In The Inhabited event, while talking with a spirit attempting to take over their body, the spirit complains how difficult it is to grasp the hero's soul. It is easily dismissed as the hero being stronger then the spirit. But it is possible the soul of the hero is indeed special.

In The Stone Heart event, the stone statue speaks of a spirit in the beginning who it originated from. This is a farfetched theory but the spirit the statue speaks about could be a reference to the hero having a world inside their own soul.

In the Into The Underworld event, while traversing a weird cave there is a story of how someone tried investigating deep and found nothing. This story oddly enough contradicts the story told by the stone statue as they speak of a spirit. It is possible, the Ox did indeed investigate history and didn't found anything that might suggest a creator. In this case the Yondering doesn't have an origin to begin with.

The Great One


The Great One looks like a flaming spider on four legs and a gaping maw. The Flamefiend summoned in Dark Curiosity shares the same model as The Great One. In the Weird world in The Scattered Self the Body Guardian that lives in the hero's soul turns into a dark version of The Great One. Both the Flamefiend and The Body Guardian are both strongly connected to the hero while The Great One doesn't. If those things are summoned or live inside a hero's soul then The Great One also comes from someones Soul.

Mystic plane traveler

First Plane Traveler: Sojourner weapon in its description describes itself as a traveler with a possible wielder that first send it on its way. Whats important is the head of the staff is the exact same shape as the globe furniture with its constellation found inside towers and events.


Elgorn People

The Artifact weapon Elgorn Pike mention folks that fought beasts of rock and sorcerers of steel.


Apsis, the maker

The Artifact weapon Frostfang describes a maker toiling away on a Coldforge.


Knighted Times

The Artifact weapon Halehammer mentions an era when people build cities and militaries. The current Yondering only has villages and no military, meaning the old Era has completely gone missing or civilization has regressed. It mentions an Ice God, giving the Ice Kingdom a possible relation to the Knighted Times.



The Artifact weapon Lockbreaker mentions a hero that broke the gates and took down a tyrant.


Vagabond Hero

The Artifact weapon Night Shard describes of a bloodied past-her-prime hero who was falsely accused and run down by a mob. When she reached up the stars and pulled down the blade from the cosmos the pursuers disappeared. Since the hero can be considered convicted, there is a possible relation to the Oldwane lineage. It could also reference the Starman hero told in the Sweltering Stars event.


Elnish watergoes

The Artifact weapon Oakenbrand mentions warriors that fought on the ocean with their ships.


Starfaring Giants

The Artifact weapon Quakebaker mentions giants who gave rise to mountains and deep valleys.


Warrior Queens

The Artifact weapon Queen Axe mentions a lineage of female warriors wielding replicas of these axes. There is a possible relation to the Wintershard that has been granted to the womankind.


Thane Wars

The artifact weapon Thanefeller mentions the Thane Wars. There is no further information given except its unique design. It is possible the Thane is either a civilization or a species.


Ancient Elgorn Rangers

The Artifact weapon Vigilkeeper describes an ancient group of rangers that defended this world against rogue gods from bygone times. Bygone times could possibly refer to the story told by Vulta in The Prisoner or of the Ice Goddess descending from the stars.


Emeralds and Crystals

Occasionally one can come across colorful crystals stowed away on shelves or carriages. Oddly enough the only time they're addressed in a conversation is when Vulta speaks of Elden Mystics creating artifacts.

Greenhill Guardians

From the wildermyth homepage trailer, the female mother showcases her diary of her adventures. The adventurer group was called the greenhill guardians as seen in the circled in title and at the end included 5 team members. The first two members included the mother as the warrior and her husband, a mystic. They recruited a hunters kid as their third member and the final two members included a wolftouched warrior and an unknown huntress.

An interesting fact that was shown is the type of artifacts they carried. The mystic had the Thnarrs Accordica while they were still farmers which is normally found in a deep cave in the Out of the Rain event. The female warrior carried both the Out of the Rain and the Out of the Rain sword which is depicted on a weaved piece of cloth found on some maps, the warrior also mentions hunting gorgons early on in the trailer and the piece of cloth with the three heroes showcases tentacles at the bottom which might represent gorgons. Another piece of cloth made of the same materials as the previous one depicts a feathered dragon, in the trailer on the earlier pages is the same depiction of this particular feathered dragon, the only feathered dragon one could encounter ingame is the Dravonne a drauven enemy.

With these coincidences the hero group from the wildermyth trailer could be the hero group depicted on this cloth of caligraphy.