1.0+318 All the Bones of Summer Hotfix 2

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  • Chinese translation fixes
  • Adjust Flirt hook quest
  • Can use middle mouse button to pan in missions
  • Achievements now checked upon loading the game
  • Increased XP for All the Bones of Summer and Generics plot fights
  • Star dance no longer occurs if you have no heroes eligible for theme
  • Fix a crash with multiple simultaneous deaths
  • Fix bug with Untouchable+
  • Fix several situational crash bugs
  • Fix mouse pan at screen edge on borderless
  • Fix Vigorflow+ speed buff not withdrawing
  • Fix and adjust some item descriptions
  • Fix hook_WanderlustThisCampaign
  • Fix turncoat achievement
  • Fix skeleton terrify achievement
  • Fix bad name tags in Hero Worship
  • Fix some item descriptions