1.0+325 All the Bones of Summer Hotfix 4

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Jun 22, 2021

  • 5 Hero starts (farmer and legacy) (5 chapter)
  • Chinese translation tweaks
  • Capture Mouse option now works pretty well (tech limitations)
  • Max level heroes no longer take XP
  • Improved legacy backup and recovery logic
  • Reduce network traffic for remote cursors (but looks choppier)
  • Use steam message buffering to improve multiplayer robustness
  • 3 Hook quest achievement now retroactively granted
  • Fix Mythwalker achievement bug
  • Fixed bug where enemies could sometimes not die
  • Fix rare bug with Unburied omen
  • Fix several rare crashes
  • Fix crash if controller lib can't load
  • Fixed phantomflare file case issue (linux)
  • Fixed bug where Scythewinds intro would never trigger
  • Fixed some back end text and typos